TMH Reports “Fully Restored” Computer Systems

TMH Reports “Fully Restored” Computer Systems

On Wednesday, February 15, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare reported that the hospital had fully restored its computer systems and has returned to standard operations at all locations. It was reported that TMH officials first notified staff on Friday, February 3rd, that the system had suffered a “cyberattack.” 

The February 15 press release is provided below:

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) is happy to share with our community that we have fully restored our computer systems and returned to standard operations at all locations.

Specifically, we have transitioned back to electronic medical records and are no longer using paper documentation. More importantly, TMH, which cares for the vast majority of emergent patients in Leon and surrounding counties, is no longer diverting Emergency Medical Services patients and has resumed providing the highest levels of trauma, stroke and heart care in our region. We will also begin scheduling non-emergency surgeries and outpatient procedures, which had been postponed during the downtime.

While we have returned to standard operations, we’d be remiss not to expect hurdles. We are a 772-bed hospital and a regional healthcare system with nearly 6,000 colleagues. Our systems and processes are vast and intricate, and we’ve brought them online strategically and securely to ensure the best possible care for our patients. We apologize for any delays our patients may experience as we work through any issues that may arise. Outpatients with questions about their care should call their provider’s office. Inpatients should coordinate directly with their care teams and our Patient Experience Department.

We take seriously our commitment to our community and understand the past 13 days have presented challenges for our colleagues and patients. Through it all, our focus has been providing excellent patient care while restoring our computer systems as securely and quickly as possible. We thank our patients and our community for your support, flexibility and patience. We especially want to thank our healthcare partners, including HCA Florida Capital Hospital.

We also continue to be incredibly grateful to our colleagues. They have come together, as they have during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, hurricanes and other challenges we’ve faced in TMH’s 75-year history, in heroic ways to ensure our patients receive safe, high-quality and compassionate care.

We continue to work with law enforcement and state and federal agencies to manage the investigation and recovery from this event.

9 Responses to "TMH Reports “Fully Restored” Computer Systems"

  1. If you folks expect to find out how this happened, you’re deluding yourselves. Their spox is a former mismanager at the local rag, who was run off there for incompetence after der Fuhrer ripped away his coattails and headed south.
    If I’m ever in an ambulance, and about to lose consciousness, my last words would be “Take me to Capital.”

  2. If you are ‘back up & running’ them why have you not started taking patients in the ER yet? I was in the ER at Tall regional yest & they r STILL taking YOUR patients & stated to me y’all were NOT up & running yet!

  3. @David,
    Anyone clicking a link on an email won’t impact anything except what the user’s permissions allow him to change or delete. If proper protocols are in place, that would be files the user has created on his own computer, and to shared folders where he has write permissions.

    Executives aren’t expected to know how Cyber security works. They do expect IT to protect them.

  4. You were shut down by a Cyber Attack, NOW, what kind of Cyber Attack was it? Did someone click on a Link they shouldn’t have? Maybe an Executive? Is that why you are not saying?

  5. The IT director, and perhaps his staff, need to be fired. In today’s world there’s just no excuse for ANY site not to know that they’re on professional hackers short list or to take the necessary steps to protect their systems.

    Instead, we get soaked with the bills and patients were turned away….

  6. Maybe the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce should showcase a seminar on cyber security at the next Buffalo Pool Party as taxpayers pay for this event anyway. TMH is even a top sponsor.

  7. For seven years, Marcus Welby, MD, and the staff of Lang Memorial Hospital provide outstanding medical care without a dependence on computers.

  8. So, TMH (a local taxpayer supported non profit) will be fined by the federal government for this breach.

    Hold on to your britches because YOU are going to pay for this. Can you say, “property tax increase”?

    TR – how close to California is our county in taxing the commoner?

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