The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, Feb. 24

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, Feb. 24


After a presentation by Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil, Leon County Commissioners voiced concerns about the homelessness issue. Commissioner Welch stated that he is tired “of kicking the can down the road” and that “we need to do something.”

The Leon County Commission voted to approve Agenda Item 24 which allows the county administrator to negotiate waste collection service with WastePro. Get the details on the proposed residential and commercial rates. 

Get the details on the Leon County Commission 5-2 vote to allow a change in zoning from Residential Acre (RA) to Single-Family Detached Residential District (R-2) for 32.18 acres located at 3762 Capital Circle NW. Commissioners Rick Minor and David O’Keefe voted against the request.

After numerous attempts to block the final execution, Donald Dillbeck was executed by the state by lethal injection yesterday at 6:13 p.m. Dillbeck was convicted in the murder of Faye Vann outside of the Tallahassee Mall in 1990. It was the first execution by the state in nearly four years. 


The man who twice served as the State of Florida’s top growth manager has died. Tom Pelham headed up the Department of Community Affairs twice before the Legislature abolished it in 2011.

The Florida Department of Transportation wants to increase electric vehicle charging stations across the state. Executive Director of FDOT’s Transportation Technologies, Trey Tillander, pointed out that FDOT won’t own or operate the EV chargers. “We want to engage partners that will reliably operate and maintain these charging sites through five years and beyond,” Tillander said

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, when speaking at The Hill’s Race and Justice Imperative event, criticized the GOP for not doing a good enough job to court black voters, in his eyes. “The Democrat Party has consistently sought Black votes for a very long time, the Republican Party hasn’t done that work. That’s something that’s changing, and something I advocate for every single day, and that’s going to continue to evolve if I have anything to say about it,” said Donalds.

Florida State Sen. Blaise Ingoglia would name a section of a Hernando County highway “Rush Limbaugh Way” in memory of the famed radio host. “Rush Limbaugh is an American icon having inspired me, as well as tens of millions of Americans, to get involved in politics,” Ingoglia said. “He stood for freedom and American excellence. His passing left a void in the conservative talk radio space that will never be filled. This road designation will remind people of his passion and love of country.


Florida State baseball hits the road to take on No. 8 TCU in a three-game series this weekend. The starting pitchers for the Noles this weekend are: Jackson Baumeister, Jamie Arnold, and Carson Montgomery. Junior Jordan Carrion leads the FSU offense with a .625 batting average through four games.


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  1. Test: The rest of the post: If we just took a fraction of the money spent on electric busses, more and more low-income housing and built a new “super jail/detention center” we could actually help those that are destined to end up in the ACLU’s school-to-prison pipeline. If getting arrested, spending time in jail, having your freedom taken away and tougher sentences were handed down, I argue you would defer people from a life of crime.

    Use Vagrancy instead of Wandering and you will know it is a crime.
    Use Prostitution instead $ex Dating as not to deceive the public crime is under control.
    Saying we cannot arrest our way out of (insert problem) only reinforces the criminal’s opinion that crime has no consequence.

  2. Test: I wrote this: And if the Sheriff doesn’t know if “wandering” is a crime says a lot. If he doesn’t know then the deputies don’t have the guidance, they need to protect us. What once was called “prostitution” is now referred to as “$ex dating”. So, one point that I can make is our local, statewide and national democrat/liberal politicians spend too much time renaming things in the name of being “woke” than they spend solving problems.

  3. Test: I wrote this: What I tried to say, the phrase “arresting our way out (insert criminal activity)”, I have heard (read) two local democrats use in just a few days. It must be a new catch phrase for them. And my opinion is we should be arresting our way out of the problems we face. The lack of detention/jail space is a driving reason a lot of criminals get released into society. And so many criminals on bond commit more crimes before their initial court date arrives. In fact, it happens numerous times each day in our community. Criminals on bond or parole are often re-arrested for “FTA” Failure to Appear.

  4. @Pat A., you are able to post comments on this article. Try posting “testing” on the previous article. If you are able to, then my guess is your particular comment on the previous article wasn’t accepted.

  5. If anyone is interested, beside me, Brian Welch and House Rep. Alison Tant will be at Ology Brewing Co. tonight from 6pm to 8pm for a Town Hall type gathering…….. unless they Cancel at the last minute AGAIN, it was supposed to happen last month. It is located at 2910 Kerry Forest Parkway. In the Shopping Center close to Thomasville Rd.

  6. @Pat – a few months back all of my comments were being moderated. I’ve got two email addresses so I posted to ask why with a different address and it, too, was moderated, leading me to believe that it was site-wide.

    If you see something odd like this again, you might try what I did and post with a different email address to see if it’s you or the system.

  7. @ Pat A = There was a Time that every Post I made it was visible only to me for a few seconds and said it was waiting for approval. I will still get that once in a while. Keep going back checking to see if it finally shows up. Mine would, usually in about an Hour or two.

  8. I tried to post on the previous story about Leon Co twice last night and once this morning. When I hit Post Comment, it just disappeared.

  9. If Commissioner Welch were serious, he’d carry his narrow backside down to the Leon County library’s main branch, behind the bus station. If he were to do that, he would have to step over drug addled homeless people sleeping in the stacks! And then he would see that the librarians have no problem with it, on the contrary, they think people like me complaining about it are the problem. I walked in to return some books for my mother-in-law and it smelled like an open sewer! Some homeless person had soiled themselves and was laying on the floor by the front door. One of the librarians asked me if I had any compassion, after I complained about it. I told her that is not what compassion looks like.

    Politicians like Welch love to wring their hands and talk about doing something but nothing ever gets done. All our county commissioners know how to do is run their mouths and waste our money. They fix nothing.

    If Welch really wants to do something, he’ll go to the library and tell them they can’t let homeless people sleep in the stacks! We can have libraries and we can have homeless shelters, but they can’t occupy the same space.

  10. Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, instead of Courting for one race or another, just try being HONEST with the Citizens and letting us know what YOU think is the right thing to do and what YOU want to try to do for the Citizens and then doing it. I am tired of hearing Candidates make all these promises while Campaigning and then it is never brought up again until it is time to Campaign again.

  11. As long as the Crapital District voters keep this clown Walt as the Sheriff the kicking of the can will continue. This fool is a constitutionally elected official and has the power on his own to enforce vagrancy, trespassing and panhandling laws but chooses to take the coward’s way out by deferring to the Crapital District Kommissars and useless race hustling local preachers. His handlers are too busy driving away deputies based on racial criteria.

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