The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Wednesday, March 1

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Wednesday, March 1


An 18-year-old Leon High School student was arrested Tuesday after a school resource deputy found more than 86 grams of marijuana and a loaded handgun in his vehicle, according to a statement from the Leon County Sherriff’s Office.

Leon County Judge Robert Wheeler granted a motion filed by Charlie Adelson’s attorney asking to move the trial from a late April start date to late Summer. Due to various scheduling conflicts between the court and the attorneys, a September or October trial seemed more likely. A date was not set Tuesday in court, as both sides will continue to review the calendar.

On February 21st, the Leon County Commission held a lengthy discussion about the Sheriff’s Homeless Outreach Street Team (HOST) Deputy Program. Sheriff McNeil updated the Board on the progress of the program since its official launch in June 2022.

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare has a grade of D, according to Leapfrog. That’s down from a C two years ago. TMH officials say the rankings don’t give a complete picture.


Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is insisting that he was praising Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and not endorsing him. However, after Bush’s recent interview on Fox News with Brian Kilmeade, Bush did follow up saying DeSantis would be a great alternative to Trump for the Republican Party going forward.
The Florida-based group Moms for Liberty is targeting 11 of 14 to unseat in the next election cycle across Florida. The DeSantis campaign issued a prepared statement from House Speaker Paul Renner even though many of the incumbents have yet to file for reelection. “We will continue to support Florida school board candidates who promote the components of a world class education, and defeat those that are focused on the latest ideological trends,” Renner said. “Make no mistake, we intend to win as Florida’s future is too important.” Leon County School Board members are not on the list of targeted board members. 


The No. 16 Florida State baseball team will host USF on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. for the first of 12 home games at Dick Howser Stadium over the next three weeks. Jamie Arnold is taking the mound for the Noles tonight and the game can be heard right here on 100.7 WFLA.


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  1. @LCF I am greatly impressed by the intellectual effort you put into that response.
    @Sean You could have saved some time by using LCF’s type of response.

  2. A TMH physician was horrendously immature and unprofessional and the TMH employee not only did nothing about it she protected the doctor at the expense of eviscerating the patient. The chambercrat involvement is troublesome. The lack of security where their employee was recently assaulted is further troubling. Add to that their computer system failure you have to wonder what in the you know what is going on over there.

  3. Hey Moms For Liberty (for some)! Can schools still teach basic biology class? I mean, worms are hermaphrodites. This means that they have both male and female reproductive organs. And they still have to pair with another worm to reproduce. Are school books and teachers allowed to say hermaphrodite?

  4. Have those with the latest trendy sense of “higher standards of morality, civics, education, etc.” amongst the Florida GOP demanded removal of the book Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White yet? Why not!? Clearly the name promotes marijuana, and the character, Charlotte, is a brilliant black writer, who births a bunch of kids out of wedlock, while Wilbur is just white and dumb. Then there’s Fern, the farm girl, who is a real anti-kill tomboy…suspicious if you ask me. But no worries, in the end Fern grows into a lovely, gender conforming lass dating Avery, the white, cisgendered boy. More saving grace is that Charlotte dies, while Wilbur wins awards, fame, and a long, happy life. So how about it, Moms For Liberty, is the book safe for now?

  5. @flc Liberal paradise? The kids got caught and was arrested? What does that have to do with a liberal agenda?
    What is the liberal agenda?
    Do they have a meeting or a website?
    Please enlighten me.

  6. A “D”. So glad to support this hospital where 90% of the employees do not give a flying about your health. Your tax dollars at work. Oh, and about your personal information…..

  7. “An 18-year-old Leon High School student was arrested …”
    And so the liberal paradise continues. Matlow and Porter and their anti-police stance would welcome students as this as we lower our standards in society to embrace the worst of the worst so they might not be offended by higher standards of morality, civics, education, etc.

  8. Leapfrog means nothing. The numbers can be artificially influenced any time. HCA actually puts teams together to practice the procedures that Leapfrog judges to juice their number. TMH does not.

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