Dr. Aaron Guyer Discusses Foot & Ankle Injuries

Dr. Aaron Guyer Discusses Foot & Ankle Injuries

Dr. Aaron J. Guyer, an orthopedic surgeon at TOC specializing in foot and ankle surgery, recently appeared on The Greg Tish show on Real Talk 93.3

Dr. Guyer

Dr. Guyer noted that foot and ankle injuries, especially a rolled ankle, are “the most common injuries that he sees in orthopedics, in sports, in just everyday life.” During the interview Dr. Guyer said that “sprained ankle” is a broad term that essentially refers to when you twist your ankle, and you injure the ligaments or the structures that hold the bones in your ankle together. But a sprained ankle can vary in severity. For example, Dr. Guyer said some ankle injuries can heal overnight while other incidents can result in an ankle that becomes extremely swollen.”

Dr. Guyer said, “You have this situation where you can’t put weight on it, where you must drag yourself off a street or something. It can be very bruised. And there’s a huge range of what can happen there. I think the things to look for though… you really want to know when do I have to go into the doctor? When should I have this checked out? Did I break my ankle, or did I just tweak these ligaments?”

Dr. Guyer explained that this is one of the reasons the TOC Now clinic – the urgent care clinic – was started. If you have an injury where the severity is not easy to diagnosis, the TOC Now clinic is a place you can go into without an appointment and have trained professionals check you out and determine if is a minor issue or something that will require specialized care.

Dr. Guyer said that the majority of people he sees with this injury are not FSU players or dedicated athletes, but normal people just doing their daily thing. It is the most common injury I see among the collegiate players or high school athletes. But the same treatments we do for the D1 college players is the same things, same program plan for anybody out there, just to make sure you can get back to doing what you want to do.

Dr. Guyer said that “We have a very specific type of physical therapy that you can do either with a therapist or at home a lot of times, that we’ve found over the years, that’s actually the most important thing. The actual most important thing is getting that therapy going at a certain point if you have a severe sprain, so that it will prevent you from twisting the ankle again.”

Dr. Guyer is one of TOC’s Foot and Ankle Specialists. He serves as one of the Team Physicians for Florida State University and is the primary foot and ankle consultant to all of FSU athletics. Dr. Guyer completed his residency at the University of Michigan Health System and his fellowship at the University of Tennessee – Campbell Clinic.

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