The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, March 2

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, March 2


Last week, between Feb. 20 and Feb. 24, the Tallahassee Police Department’s General Narcotics and Drug Interdiction Units conducted enhanced enforcement along the North Monroe Street corridor. The enhanced enforcement resulted in 22 arrests and seven firearms being seized.

Tallahassee Community College (TCC) recently announced the formation of the Tallahassee Collegiate Academy (TCA), a tuition-free STEM charter high school that will open in August. Get the details.

An 18-year-old at Leon High School was arrested after a school resource deputy found more than 86 grams of marijuana and a loaded handgun in his vehicle. Jah’Quayvion Parks is charged with possession of a firearm on school property, possession of marijuana over 20 grams and possession of a firearm by a delinquent. This is the second Leon High student arrested in 2023 for bringing a firearm to campus. 

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to an alleged shooting on I-10 near mile marker 199 around 7:45 p.m. Tuesday. Several agencies, including FHP, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, and Leon County EMS responded to the area. However, arriving on location to where the call had been placed, there was no crime scene or victim found and it had cleared by 9:15 p.m. 


The Florida Legislature is going to be considering a bill that would eliminate rent control policies being enacted by local governments. For 2023, the bill would allocate $252 million to the State House Initiatives Program, $259 million to the State Apartment Incentive Loan program over a ten-year period, and $100 million to the Hometown Heroes Housing Program. Supporters of the legislation argue that it prioritizes private investments into affordable housing.

Florida State Sen. Clay Yarborough filed legislation that would prohibit Florida’s public schools from using a student’s preferred pronouns other than the one determined by sex. Yarborough’s legislation defines the word “sex” in a binary framework. Furthermore, it would strip local School Boards of the right to choose reproductive health related course materials, making the selection the exclusive province of Florida’s Department of Education.


FSU baseball walked off the USF Bulls in their lone midweek matchup in the bottom of the 13th inning, 7-6. Nander De Sedas was the batter that hit the walk off with the rest of the offense contributing to just get the win. The win was the third career walk-off hit for De Sedas at FSU. 

Today ta 11:00 a.m. the FSU women’s basektball team faces off in the second round of the ACC Tournament against Wake Forest. The game can be heard on 96.5 The Spear. 


10 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, March 2"

  1. @Deepsix — His stupidity won’t necessarily change, but at least he’ll be sober long enough to think about it.

  2. The 18 year old genius was so stoned he went to class with his car still running. That is how he got his car searched.

    His stupidity won’t get better with punishment.

  3. “This is the second Leon High student arrested in 2023 for bringing a firearm to campus. ”

    This is totally unacceptable and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    There is nothing in the second amendment saying “shall not be infringed except students attending schools”. These charges should be dropped immediately.

  4. Major hit to TPD/PBA/insider establishment today re illegal cop drug use in the Democrat. Huge local public trust issue

  5. @Nicholas Weed That plan would see a lot of people getting shot. Especially on the south side. Besides, ask your boy Matlow, enforcing the law is racist.
    Expect more traffic violations as we continue to descend into a liberal paradise.

  6. How about deputizing some citizens to make citizens arrests for red light runners. I have never seen a city with as many red light runners than Tallahassee.

  7. @ Sen. Clay Yarborough …… Why doesn’t the LGBTQ recognize Hermaphrodites? They are REAL and do make up about .001% of the Population.

  8. The “rent control” policies are just one of many issues with rental properties. One entire chapter of the Florida Statutes is the “Landlord/Tenant” rules. Those rules are skewed toward the tenant, not the person with a $100,000 asset that as being put at risk. I understand that previous bad acts by landlords were responsible for the laws being written as they are, but there needs to be a better balance.

  9. Kudos on the 22 arrests.

    Now keep the effort going until you can go an entire week without finding anyone violating the law there.

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