TPD Officer Reinstated After Failed Drug Test

TPD Officer Reinstated After Failed Drug Test

A Tallahassee Police Department officer was recently reinstated by Chief Revell after being suspended due to a failed drug test. The officer – whose name has not been released – was suspended after testing positive on June 3 for amphetamines.

The police officer claimed that the positive test was due to unknowingly taking Adderall belonging to a family member.

City officials told TR that there has been two positive drug tests over the last two years within TPD.

Chief Revell decided to reinstate the officer after verifying with the medical official responsible for the testing that the positive test could have been from an accidental use of the drug.

In response to questions about the decision, Chief Revell cited language in the city’s collective bargaining agreement with the Police Benevolent Association (PBA). The language relates to a situation when an officer tests positive for a drug that is not illegal. Under those circumstances, the officer is supposed to be removed from duty, placed on leave without pay and “subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.”

City officials told TR that the officer would be subject to random and unannounced drug tests through the remainder of this year and if he tests positive he would be terminated.

The reinstatement was not popular with some city administrators who argued that city policy related to drug tests – outside the PBA contract – requires employees who test positive to be terminated.

In addition, City Commissioner questioned the decision and took to Twitter to voice his opinion,

“The Dailey-Goad administration continues to ignore the rules to push their personal agendas. Do we really want management that ignores illegal drug use at TPD?,” said Matlow.

In a statement released to local media, City Manager Reese Goad stated, “The city’s administrative policies and processes are sound and support our employees who deserve to have all relevant information considered when it comes to personnel matters. I am proud of our organization’s culture and the way this situation was handled.”

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  1. “I took it accidentally” should be the story given to judge after he has been fired and charged. Mercy should be the prerogative of the justice system, not the Blue Line Gang.

  2. Illegal recreational drug use isn’t limited to our TPD. During my career with the Federal Aviation Administration, I saw first hand several air traffic controllers test positive for drug use. And you may be shocked to learn, air traffic controllers who test positive for illegal drug use are not normally fired. Those that tested positive were reassigned to administrative duties, they go through a year long drug program, sign a last chance agreement then subject to extra drug tests. And they don’t loose one penny in salary. In most cases, you can get caught twice without any real threat of being fired. I’m sure the entire Federal workforce is treated the same way.

  3. This same crime would’ve ended in court w/conviction if it were a civilian. Seems that there are two sets of laws in Leon Co

  4. We need to know how many people the drugged cop has busted for doing drugs. Then we need Revell’s resignation. They stick their thumb in our eye when they operate under a different set of rules.

    FYI: Cops LOVE Adderall, it’s their drug of choice.

  5. Oh how we need a nationwide search for a city manager who is not a product of the inmates running the asylum.

    Until there is competent leadership at the top the DAILEY dramas and scandals will continue.

  6. I’d sure like to test Matlow’s pizza…that is oregano, right? LOL. But seriously, I really do need to try it out.

  7. @NE Moderate
    You sure said it! Unfortunately, just like they have no shame,
    Dailey, Richardson, Williams-Cox seem to have no limit for Goad’s gross misdeeds and mismanagement.

  8. And did the officer go to work and operate a police vehicle while under the influence of amphetamines? Or did he go the responsible thing by calling in sick? Doubt it! He went to work, carried his sidearm, represented the shield all while enjoying that amphetamine energy boost. How can someone who mistakes a prescription pill bottle, opens it and partakes, be trusted without having the eyesight and judgement neccessary to do the job unless he’s just on desk duty? What’s that? The amphetamines were not in their prescription bottle? That’s another law broken!

  9. The hard drug use by police is bad enough but the coverup by city mgmt and Revell should be the last straw for Goad. He can join Fernandez working for Ghazvini developers or go to FPL.

    Dailey, Richardson, Williams-Cox have to be close to their limit with him… right?

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