City Commissioner Jack Porter Files for Re-election

City Commissioner Jack Porter Files for Re-election

City Commissioner Jack Porter announced on Monday that she is seeking re-election to her seat on the Tallahassee City Commission. She filed the formal paper work with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections on February 24.

She announced her plans on Twitter. Porter tweeted, “We’ve got unfinished business, y’all I’m officially running for re-election!”

The full statement is provided below.

Porter also took an opportunity to address a potential challenger. Porter wrote, “There’s little doubt that certain entrenched interests connected to the failed status quo will cynically field an establishment-funded challenger. But we also know that when we organize, we win! “

Porter defeated City Commissioner Elaine Bryant in 2020 with 51% of the vote. After her victory she stated, “I think that the people want a say in how they’re governed, they want a say in how this city grows. Some of us were getting tired of being taken for granted.”

During her time on the city commission, Porter voted against the Amazon project, the Blueprint economic development monies for stadium upgrades, and the expansion of the Urban Service Area – which proponents say facilitates growth. Porter has also supported various affordable housing projects.

Porter made news with her public opposition to the re-election of her colleagues, Mayor John Daily and City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox. She made a campaign ad accusing Dailey of being a bully. Dailey had previously been criticized for ignoring her request to speak during a city commission meeting.

Both incumbents won re-election.

More recently, Porter nominated and supported the appointment of a self-described police abolitionist to the Citizens Police Review Board. After a controversy over potential bias, her nominee was removed in 3-2 vote. During the debate, Porter argued that diverse views were needed on the board.

Porter, who opposed the property tax passed by a referendum to fund the Children’s Services Council, last month -at a city budget workshop – broached the subject of increasing property taxes to pay for new city services.


We’ve got unfinished business, y’all! I’m officially running for re-election! Together, we’ve made amazing progress towards reforming what’s broken in our local government:

Working for the public interest and everyday people
Standing against dysfunction in City Hall and business as usual
Fighting to keep families safe and in their homes
Challenging the infamous pay-for-play culture in Tallahassee
Opposing the shameful $27 million Blueprint stadium givea

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  1. “I was against tax increases before I was for them.”

    “No Tax for Snacks”

    “Women have a right to equal treatment, until we don’t like it that is”

    “You have a right to your own opinion, so long as it’s the same as mine”

    “You have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… unless I decide otherwise”

    “Compromise and collaboration happens when you agree with me”

    “You’re part of a team… so do as I say”

    ~ Like I always say; No matter how you arrange the letters D E M O C R A T… it will always spell HYPOCRITE.

  2. If we citizens who voted for Jack to be our voice have unfinished business, it’s because Mayor Misogynist and his 2 cohorts in corruption have a habit of adjourning meetings to shut down our voice.

  3. Ohhhh, I’ve been schooled. Lucky me.

    I see new Tshirts on the herizon:
    • This Tart’s For Jack!
    • Honk If You’re a Tart!
    • Tart Lives Matter!
    • Another Man for Tarts – Vote Porter!
    • Tart Women Have Been Voting For Nearly 100 Years. Why Stop Now
    • One Tart Vote Can Rock The Boat.
    • I’d rather vote for an honest tart than a corrupt wanker!
    • Vote. It’s What Keeps Us Tarts Free.
    • Tarts Unite!

  4. Mr Ed,

    Then you are including the Marxist trifecta… Dailey, Richardson, and Williams-Cox.

    Keeping it fair and balanced.

  5. For the record… criticizing an elected official – who happens to be female – is not misogyny… unless of course you view the world through a pair of progressive Marxicrat identity politics glasses… in which case, any hope of rational discussion and debate is futile.

    … carry on

  6. @Deepsix
    Regarding your clear threat, “If you see me comin’, drop the chips and run.”
    What do you look like. How will I know its you? What happens if I dont run fast enough for you?

  7. NE Moderate. “During a Tallahassee City Commission budget workshop on Wednesday, February 8, City Commissioner Jack Porter discussed the possibility of raising property taxes to pay for more city services.

    Citing the history of the city’s property tax, Commissioner Porter stated over the last 20 years the city has increased the property tax rate by four-tenths – “which is very little.”

    The city’s current millage rate, established for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2022, and ending September 30, 2023, is 4.1 mills and is projected to raise approximately $56.5 million.”

    She also wants better snacks at meetings.


  8. Again Porter and Matlow were the city commissioners who were AGAINST Dailey’s 2020 CSC property tax increase. That Chamber-supported taxpayer boondoggle actually happened, raised everyone’s taxes and housing costs. Porter and Matlow on the right side there and deserve a lot of credit. Bellamy attacked Matlow over it, because establishment supports more wasteful self-interested spending like at Blueprint.

    If you’re against raising taxes, Porter has a proven record. Chambercrats all supported the 2020 CSC tax increase. She did not.

  9. For the Record……. I am totally against raising Taxes, especially Property Taxes. With all the new Mega Subdivisions and Mini Subdivisions being built NOW and over the past few Years with Homes ranging from $200K to $600K, shouldn’t our Property Taxes be going DOWN? Shouldn’t our Public Schools have more Money than they need? WTH is going ON?

  10. “We’ve got unfinished business” is this cycles cry of the failed and feckless progressive Marxicrat. A simple translation is, “I’ve accomplished nothing of any substance, and would like to keep doing that”. I supported Porter first go around because I bought her lie… not again. The rest of her announcement is like a trip to Bizarro World, to wit:

    She works for the interest of a warped and destructive ideology, not the public’s
    She and her buddy cause much of the dysfunction at City Hall
    She and her buddy fight against Law and Order, not to keep people safe
    She and her buddy want to be in control of a pay-to-play, not end one
    She applies selective outrage over Blueprint (yawn) stadium “giveaways” (plural)

    And to top it off, she preemptively attacks a to-date non-existent opponent. In Texas they have a saying, ”All hat, no cattle”… in this case it’s “All slander, no substance”

  11. @snack, If you see me comin’, drop the chips and run.

    Now you have “all you need to know” about deepsix.

    @ Inyra, “Tart” is a fact based descriptor. According to Merriam Webster Tart is an adj, marked by a biting, cutting, or acrimonious quality.

    And it’s one of my favorite pejoratives… easy to spell.

  12. If Porter’s a tart, is Dailey a pissin wanker, Richardson a bloody tosser, and Williams-cox a daft cow?

    Blimey, can we please get past these types of names and stick to meaningful and fact based descriptors like misogynist for Dailey’s actions against Porter!

  13. So it begins. Calling Commissioner Porter “that little tart” tells us all we need to know about Deepsix. I guess it’s too much to expect him(?) to read what porter actually said, when it so easy to misquote her.

    And I take back what I said about the FBI. The closed door dealings between FPL, Dailey, and his wife who’s a lobbyist for FP&L is a pretty big fish if the FBI would just see fit to fry them.

  14. Porter opposed Dailey’s 2020 property tax increase, as did Matlow. Good on you Jack. Four more years of disrupting the crooked City Hall status quo!

  15. Jackie has lost her mind if she thinks I need to pay MORE property tax. She blew it, cuz I agreed with her on Blueprint. But there is no way I am going to vote for someone who wants to raise my property taxes in a town being overrun by crime and homeless people.
    I have lived in Tallahassee my entire life and I have NEVER had second thoughts about going anywhere in town any time of the day or night…until now.
    I ain’t payin’ more property taxes until I get what I’m payin’ for now. Things are gonna have to get a whole lot better before that little tart gets one more nickel than what she stole from me this year. Jackie can go pound her little head in the sand with her higher property tax BS. She’s goin’ down…

  16. First, the expansion of the Urban Service Area is also called urban sprawl. It’s correct to fight sprawl when the added services are mainly to subsidize the richest developers while smart and equitable infill solutions that rebuild blighted sites are mostly rhetoric to the triad of doom: Dailey, Williams-Cox and Richardson.

    Second, exactly how many times did Mayor Misogynist Dailey and his corrupt cohorts refuse to recognize Porter, didn’t allow her to speak, or adjourned mtgs while she was talking?
    Third, the so called “police abolitionist” that TR likes to besmirch was supported by the majority of members of the Citizens Police Review Board. Fourth, Jack wasnt advocating for increased taxes. She was calling out the City’s mismanagement of funds which will probably result in higher taxes.
    Last, but so not the least IMO, unfortunately the FBI will never go after the current usual suspects, it seems they’ve just got too many bigger fish to fry. Too bad for us.

  17. Porter is correct regarding the misogyny, the $27 million stadium giveaway and entrenched interests. I hope she will include in her platform to not spend taxpayer dollars for the chamber junkets, do a nationwide search for a city manager, and have the FBI investigate the $27 million pay for play stadium giveaway.

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