City Commission to Consider More Funding for Airport Improvements

City Commission to Consider More Funding for Airport Improvements

The Tallahassee City Commission is considering approval of $1,490,841 of additional funding to the Cook Brothers, Inc. for the modernization and improvements to the passenger terminal at the Tallahassee International Airport.

On December 8th 2021, the City Commission approved a construction contract award to the Cook Brothers, Inc. for the Terminal Rehabilitation Phase III Project. Currently, the project is approximately 60% completed. Issues that impact the budget arose during the renovation in the passenger hold room areas in Concourses A and B. The issues were due to aging infrastructure and other problems such as, delays and cost increases associated with the supply chain.

The Tallahassee International Airport is over 30 years old and the project will provide needed modernization and improvements to accommodate an increased number of passengers, and will add amenities. 

The additional funding will be provided by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) program, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Airport Infrastructure Grant (AIG) Program funding from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Airport Repairs, Replacement & Improvements (RR&I) Undesignated Fund Balance.

The earlier phases of the project included improvements such as, baggage claim, airline ticketing and TSA security checkpoint of the passenger terminal. The focal point of the next phase is making improvements to the sterile area of the passenger terminal which includes, renovations to the passenger hold room areas of Concourse A and B along with new flooring, passenger seating, electrical outlets, HVAC improvements, interior wall and ceiling finishes, and the construction of a Dunkin’ restaurant.

The agenda item states the project supports the City’s strategic objective to enhance and modernize infrastructure to enable capacity for growth. The Terminal Rehabilitation Phase III Project is set for completion in early 2024.

6 Responses to "City Commission to Consider More Funding for Airport Improvements"

  1. Millionaire is a great example of privatization. They have their own terminal. Same can go for Silver. City only needs to connect roads and utilities. Can even privatize runways and ATC. Heathrow is a privately run airport, for example.

  2. How much money could we keep, if the airport didn’t cost so much? My platform for office would be based on lowering taxes.

  3. I hope we get Mayor Pothole Pete down here to officially open this fabulous project. Our local Biden supporting Commission would love to host Mayor Poot.

    I am reminded of Ross Perot, “That giant sucking sound.”

  4. It seems as though this Airport has been under construction for the past two Decades and all you need at an Airport is a Snack Bar.

  5. Construction of a Dunkin restaurant? Yet another probable failed restaurant in the making and now at tax payer expense.

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