The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, March 9

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, March 9


TR’s summary of last night’s Tallahassee City Commission meeting is now available.

At the March 7th Leon County School Board meeting, school officials delayed the adoption of the proposed Human Growth & Development curriculum due to concerns of some parents and school board members.

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Tallahassee Police have arrested a man in connection to a shooting from February 28 at the 1900 block of Lake Bradford Road. Travis Gilbert, 28, approached a man who was suspected to be selling illegal narcotics and brandished a firearm in an attempt to rob the man, TPD said. When attempting the robbery, the man shot Gilbert. Gilbert fled the scene and was transported to a local hospital for treatment to his non-life-threatening injuries. 

Testimony has commenced in the trial of 23-year-old Zatoriyan Gould. Gould is one of two men accused in a deadly hold-up at the University Courtyard Apartments in July 2020. Co-defendant Jacob Davis has already entered a plea and been sentenced to life in prison.


Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson is backing a new proposal from the state that is designed reduce the tax burden for farmers by providing farmers with a tax exemption card. “When we think about our food or food products, we need to think about our farmers,” Simpson said. “Any time we regulate a farmer, any time we put restrictions on the farmer, any time we’re doing anything that’s hampering the farmer — adding weight to their back — we need to think of it like that. This is a national security issue.”

Florida lawmakers are considering tighter abortion laws with a 6-week abortion ban, and Florida’s Democrats have said, “If it’s a war they want, it’s a war they will get.” The bills (SB 300, HB 7) would effectively end access to the procedure for most in Florida, except for victims of documented rape and incest, or those facing life-threatening circumstances or a fatal fetal abnormality.


Earlier this week, FAMU baseball fell at home to the Ball State Cardinals 11-9. The Cardinals held an 11-6 lead but the Rattlers came from behind but could not complete the comeback. FAMU hosts the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles this Friday after the Eagles were just in Tallahassee and defeated the Link Jarrett’s Florida State Seminoles, 11-10. 


4 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, March 9"

  1. “The goal is to stabilize, revitalize and grow the state’s agricultural community. Putting money back in the hands of farmers is part of the first step.” Dont forget, Ag Comm Wilton Simpson is a big, rich farmer who stands to get richer when we put even more money back into his hands.
    I’m not against helping farmers. It’s just making the Ag commissioner even richer doesn’t sit right.

  2. “Human Growth & Development ” …….. Hmm, when I was in School, it was called Biology.

    “Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson is backing a new proposal from the state that is designed reduce the tax burden for farmers by providing farmers with a tax exemption card.” …… I would like to see Farmers get a $300 Tax Credit for every Vegetable Planted Acre and Ranchers receive a $200 Tax Credit for every Acre used for Live Stock Grazing.

  3. What some people see as a diatribe I have seen as verbally abusing a citizen publicly. DWC verbally abused one of the finest baseball coaches I had ever seen as DWC was over the Capital City Park.

    Of course a Republican should run and win but when we have a Republican executive committee chair who helps local Democrats instead of Republicans it will be impossible. Now he is the state Republican vice chair. I certainly tore up my pledge to contribute money and will continue to do so until Evan Power is removed as vice chair of the Republican Party. He helps the Democrat Party in Leon County and ignores his own party and that is the truth. Evan Power is a misogynist John Daily campaign worker and Governor DeSantis would do well to remove this bozo ASAP.

  4. DWC diatribe in defense of drug using cop was a sight to behold. Brought in 2022 elections conversation, got personal, likely violated the charter with her comments.

    Porter (doing great lately) will cruise over the next David Bellamy and Curtis’ likely open seat should be challenged by a Republican!

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