Amazon Pays $217K Leon County Property Tax Bill

Amazon Pays $217K Leon County Property Tax Bill

Records indicate that the Leon County property tax bill for the Amazon Fulfillment Center – in the amount of $217,133 – was recently paid to the Leon County Tax Collector.

Documents indicate the property was valued at $15,322,469 with a total tax bill of $226,180 – the taxpayer received a discount for paying early.

Records indicate that before the property was improved, the previous tax bill was less than $1,000.

Tax documents indicate that $127,397 of the tax payment was allocated to the Leon County General Fund and approximately $83,000 was allocated to the Leon County School Board.

The newly established Leon County Children’s Services County was allocated $5,745.

The Amazon project was recently in news due to a delay in beginning operations caused – in part – by a slowdown in consumer demand.

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  1. I’m not buying the excuse that Amazon sales have slowed. In fact, my friends in Jefferson County tell me that USPS started delivering Amazon on Sundays a couple months ago, likely due to heavy holiday season numbers finally justifying 7-day service there, (USPS has delivered Amazon on Sunday in Leon County for about 7 years.)
    I think they’re having supply chain issues – maybe waiting on the Rivian EV delivery trucks to be built, because Rivian can’t get the electronics they need? A little digging by an intrepid journalist may uncover the real reason behind the delay.

  2. Who else is canceling there amazon subscription, lots of other free online choices now. And another thing, how about that stupid u turn needed to visit tractor supply. Awful planning!!

  3. David, even less reason for Amazon to pay exponentially more taxes anyone else. 200,000 in taxes is worth almost more than my entire house.

  4. Just to clarify the $15 million assessment is just the land only, the buildings are not being assessed yet by the property appraiser.

  5. @ NE Moderate = Look under the City Tab and you should see a Story from Fe. 9th. all about Porter wanting to raise Property Taxes because they haven’t been raise is a long time, I guess she forgot about raising them for the CSC. I think it was also in the same meeting where she wanted better Snacks at the Commission Meetings.

    I answered you a little while ago but it was put on Hold so it might pop up soon, just ignore it.

  6. @ Jon = Amazon is creating Jobs. I think a little over 1200 Jobs. That is 1200 People now paying Taxes and able to Purchase Products (paying more Taxes).

  7. Is Amazon getting 200k in services compared to a smaller business? Value-based taxes are inherently unfair. My neighbor puts in a pool, should they or more taxes? What are they getting in return?

  8. That’s far less than 10% of what they received from Leon taxpayers, with more subsidies coming. Meanwhile, they are cutting jobs and postponing opening in Leon.

    Mr. Hawkins: Porter was against the Dailey/Chamber CSC property tax increase. Richardson, who was on Blueprint sales tax committee, and the insider establishment are feasting on our tax dollars. Porter’s vote against the secretive Amazon deal looking good.

  9. I suspect it will start up. Barring an economic collapse that we really don’t want to see, it’s in Amazon’s best interest to utilize this facility and not just walk away from their $15M investment. There aren’t too many organizations out there that could make good use of the building so selling it anywhere near their investment cost(s) is unlikely.

  10. I wonder if this place will ever startup. With how the economy is, it might startup by Christmas if they are lucky. Just a drop in the bucket for what they lost here.

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