Blueprint Meeting Addresses Tharpe Street, Lake Munson Proposal

Blueprint Meeting Addresses Tharpe Street, Lake Munson Proposal

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency met on March 9th and approved four consent items and addressed two general business items.

The consent items included the approval of February 9, 2023 Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Board meeting minutes, the authorization to advertise and award construction services for the Tallahassee-Leon County Animal Service Center project, acceptance of an update on the Capital Circle Southwest project and the approval of a reappointment to the Blueprint Citizens Advisory Committee.

During the general business part of the meeting, the Board discussed a status update on the Tharpe Street Northwest Connector project. Recent traffic data indicated that widening the roadway to four-lanes would not be necessary. Based on the traffic data, staff recommended the enhancement of two-lane improvements and to prioritize sidewalk and operational improvements for safety.

Commissioner Caban pointed out data showing that Tharpe Street has 20 times more accidents when compared to similar road types. Commissioner Minor stated, “We’re going to be taking a look at what the projected need is for the whole plan horizon. So maybe a four lane is not needed now but, this effort is going to make sure that two lanes are fine now but also for the foreseeable future.”

The Board unanimously adopted staff recommendations to accept the status update and traffic analysis to explore an enhanced, two-lane Tharpe Street project, and to authorize Blueprint to advertise and award a contract for planning and design services.

Additionally, the Board heard from staff on a citizen proposal for the construction of a new stand-alone wetland treatment facility, on federal land (that would need to be acquired), that includes pumps to send water from Lake Munson to the proposed facility and treat it through a constructed wetland before sending it back to Lake Munson.

Staff did not recommend the pursuit of the citizen proposal. During the meeting, staff provided a comprehensive report on the $280 million of improvements done to the Lake Munson Basin, as well as other information.

The Board adopted the staff recommendation to accept their report and to take no further action on the citizen proposal and to continue to work with Leon County, the City of Tallahassee and other state agencies to improve Lake Munson.

Several Board members acknowledged that this was not a Blueprint project, and that they would continue asking questions about the Lake Munson Action Plan at the Leon County Commission meeting.

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  1. I am the citizen mentioned by Blueprint. Steve is welcome to interview me anytime 😉

    $19 million is up for a vote on more stormwater infrastructure — ineffective and not what was promised to the taxpayers — just upstream of Henrietta and Munson. I have been attempting to get them to spend that money in a better way.

    No luck so far.

  2. @ Snidely Whiplash = The deal was made during Happy Hour at the Brass Tap at a Table over in the corner.

  3. Study why County staff are opposed to Lake Munson residents wanting more water quality testing! A lake drawdown is happening but no enhanced testing? What’s going to Wakulla Springs? What’s still coming into the Lake Munson and where are contaminants coming from? Why is county staff oposed to finding out where?

  4. Hmmmm I picked up on something which smells a little different than what the rest of the commenters are smelling from the above reporting on what was released for public consumption by our Benevolent Nannies.
    Usually when one of “their own” makes a “Citizen Proposal” it gets released something like this – “Local favorate Sean Pittman, Sue Dick, or insert name of any other local favey fave” – (according to our Nannies) “submitted a Citizen Proposal for the clean up of Lake Munson”…or whatever the project.
    So who is this mystery citizen? And how was the proposal submitted to “staff”? Was it hand delivered to a local office, emailed in, sent by regular mail? Of course the proposal is subject to a public records request. Steve get one of your research staff to get those public records please. I smell a possably interesting follow up story. Thats what I’m smelling.

  5. The cascades park famu way blueprint boondoggle continues.

    In the words of mayor Flintstone, “I’m just so proud”

    Raises and paid time off for everyone!

  6. David is spot-on here.

    These legalized bagmen consistently ignore the human factor. Accidents – better known as crashes by the insurance industry – are overwhelming caused by human error and negligence, not lane capacity or width.

    And what is the “cause” of the problems with Lake Munson? Why are we spending millions to mitigate the impacts of the cause, and not addressing the cause itself? I once lived in a county that spent, and continues to spend, millions upon millions upon millions upon millions trying to turn both a natural salt water inlet that was turned into a lake by a roadway development, and a natural brackish water lake… into a fresh water lakes.

    The hubris, ignorance, and waste is astounding.

  7. It seems that the Blueprint has been taking on projects they have no business taking on.

    The reason Tharpe Street has all those Accidents in that area is because of Speeders on Cell Phones and Poor Signage. The last time I was in that area that is in the Photo, there is a School there and the only Flashing School Zone Sign is for the Cars going East (toward Godby). There is a LOT of Student Housing in that area as well.

    $280 million of improvements done to the Lake Munson Basin? WHERE?

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