The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, April 5

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, April 5


On April 3rd, the Leon County Children’s Services Council (CSC) Finance and Budget Committee held a meeting and discussed the staffing allocations for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Get the details.

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Tonight, The Village Square’s annual town hall will take place. The event invites commissioners from the City of Tallahassee and Leon County to have a constructive (and neighborly) discussion about where we are, where we’re going and what the challenges out there on the horizon might be.

Two Florida Democratic leaders – Democrat party chair Nikki Fried and Senator Lauren Book – were arrested Monday with a group of protesters outside city hall. The group was advocating for abortion access due to the proposed six-week ban on abortion that was passed in the Senate earlier in the day. Read TPD’s press release on the issue.

Read TR’s news briefs from the Leon County School Board meeting that took place on March 30, 2023.

A local pharmacist has been ordered to remain behind bars until the trial. William Head was arrested last month and charged with 11 felonies. He’s accused of violating a domestic violence injunction and he’s facing drug, gun, and explosives charges too. The judge also ordered Head to undergo a competency evaluation. No future court dates have been scheduled yet.

Tallahassee Classical School is now facing questions of compliance as they received a letter from Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna inquiring as to the status of their board. Hanna stated that the TCS contract requires them to notify Leon County Schools when changes to the board are made. A fifth member of the board is listed on their site and Hanna claims TCS “is out of compliance with both the contract and Florida law.” 


The Florida House has passed a $113 billion budget with more funding for schools and health care providers, but also containing key differences with the alternative budget passed by the Senate. The budget includes $21 billion for K-12 schools, which equates to $8,707 per student, about a $459 increase on the current year. The budget passed unanimously but Florida Democrats are still opposed to many of the provisions in the budget related to illegal alien crackdowns and school choice issues.
The feud between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Walt Disney World continues. Now, DeSantis is ordering an investigation into potential civil and criminal breaches by outgoing Reedy Creek Improvement District board for essentially being and acting like a de facto government. The investigation will focus on the legality of a contract between Disney and RCID that granted the company more developmental control over the area and any financial benefits derived by the entities.


FSU baseball lost at home to the Jacksonville Dolphins last night 5-4. A first inning grand slam gave the Dolphins just enough of a cushion to withstand the FSU making a come-from-behind effort. The Seminole bullpen only allowed on run in 8.1 innings pitched, a solo shot in the fifth inning, FSU hosts the Clemson Tigers in a three game series starting Thursday night. 


11 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, April 5"

  1. Really? Were these two really arrested, was the mayor in on it, they weren’t even protesting in the right location, so this is dysfunctional on so many levels and it’s the same cast of characters day in and day out. There is a DAILEY fiasco, shooting, or taxpayers misuse of offices and resources in this city.

    Not a smart way to utilize our men and women in blue for the sake of a photo op. The rank and file and taxpayers don’t deserve to be misused in this way.

    I hope the Republican legislature gets to the bottom of this investigates this and takes the appropriate action. Should Fried, Lauren Book, DAILEY, and City Manager Goad be arrested and prosecuted for misuse of city resources?

  2. The right to peacefully protest isn’t being threatened. But what the Marxicrats believe is their right to break the law for a photo op IS running into some trouble here and there. Why couldn’t they get Sandy Cortez to come down for the photo?

  3. The right to peaceful demonstrations is being threatened.Are we setting a precedent to silence the voices of citizens of Tallahasseans and Floridians alike ?

  4. “Is the “Tallahassee Classical School” the Charter School that Hanna and the School Board voted Down a couple Years ago until Attorney’s got involved?”

    Red Hills Academy I believe is the charter school you are referring to and closed in September 2022.

  5. Arresting peaceful protesters isn’t just more embarrassing than Tallahassee Classical School, it’s a dangerous precedent. Anyone who values the forst amendment should be concerned snd demand better.

  6. Townhall mtg lasted until after sundown. Take care not to hang around outside afterwards with anyone. You might be determined to be protesting without a permit and subject to arrest by Reese Goad’s and the mayor’s police. The precedence of overreach has been set.

  7. Is the “Tallahassee Classical School” the Charter School that Hanna and the School Board voted Down a couple Years ago until Attorney’s got involved?

    I will be at the Town Hall tonight. It is at the FSU Studio’s off Orange Ave. This will help me decide which direction to go for 2024.

  8. @ Pat A.:
    Its just amazing how you are able to look right into my brain, make a thought withdrawal, then post my thoughts so much more eloquently than I would ever be able to.
    The Croc’s took me over the edge and demanded my post of great gratitude to Pat A. on this fine Tallahassee/Leon morning!

  9. “Two Florida Democratic leaders – Democrat party chair Nikki Fried and Senator Lauren Book – were arrested Monday”

    When does the city’s Democratic Party mayor and city manager have the Democratic Party of Florida ChairWOMAN and Senator arrested? Granted Thelma and Louise’s publicity stunt was ridiculous at best, the mayor calling them out on it is pot meet kettle. The mayor showed hypocrisy and misogyny and once again highlights the dysfunction in the City of Tallahassee.

  10. According to my FSU baseball poster that includes the schedule, the series with Clemson begins on Thursday due to Sunday being Easter. So it is a Thursday-Friday-Saturday series. Please confirm with FSU. Thanks TR!

  11. Most of the abortion ban protesters, in my opinion, do not have to worry about needing the procedure. Over-weight, green and blue hair, and covered in tattos and piercings is very effective in preventing an unwanted pregnancy. All those protesters need is to wear a pair of Croc’s and they will never get pregnant.

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