Rickards Student Arrested After Loaded Gun Discovered

Rickards Student Arrested After Loaded Gun Discovered

A student at Rickards High School was arrested Tuesday morning after bringing a loaded handgun on campus.

According to an email sent to parents by Principal Doug Cook, , the student was entering the main office when school security staff discovered the loaded handgun.

The student was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm on school property and the student will be expelled since possession of a firearm is a “Zero Tolerance Offense.”

According to WCTV, this is at least the fifth incident a gun was found on Leon County school grounds in 2023.

  • January 11: Student arrested after weapon found on Leon High School grounds.
  • February 6: A Fairview Middle School student was arrested after bringing a loaded gun to campus.
  • February 28: Leon High School student arrested for possesion of drugs, firearm on campus
  • April 3: A student was found with a handgun on Lincoln High School campus.

9 Responses to "Rickards Student Arrested After Loaded Gun Discovered"

  1. @DeepSix — Times have certainly changed. I had a 12 gauge Auto-5 in my vehicle. Never took it out of the car/truck with the intention of using it on anyone and never pointed it at anyone. Even when target shooting with friends I was a stickler for gun safety. Put that .22 on your hip and swing around, even with the bolt open, and you had to deal with me!

  2. I went to Rickards, and I can say that during duck season I went to school every day with a 12 gauge wingmaster in the gun rack of my pickup. In full view. Now, I never walked into my fourth period trig class with it…
    I’m trying to remember the vice principals name… Mr. Carter sounds right, I can still see his face. I was sent to his office because I ate the shop teachers sack lunch on a dare, but I digress. The vice principal pulled a 38 special out of the drawer of his desk and told me he took it from a student years earlier and that I was gonna eat the wrong persons lunch one day and it wasn’t going to work out for me.
    I just looked at the gun and told him my mother had one just like it. My dad bought it for her when he went to fly jet fighters in southeast asia. I think he wanted to shoot me.

    I wonder what Rocky and the board would think about that?

  3. What is the problem? He was must making the school safer. Imagine how safe it would be if every student had a gun!

  4. Another question for the authorities.

    When the kid hits 18 will he still be able to collect his welfare checks?

  5. Congressman Dunn’s office notified. It is impossible to get a real person on the phone at the Leon Co Sheriff’s office and Ashley Moody’s office. If our local officials cared about reducing crime, they would call the FBI instead of Royle King’s office. They complain about law abiding citizens and our scary black rifles but when a real criminal commits a Federal Gun crime, they are out of jail in 2 days.

  6. Why are the students found with guns on school property not reported to Federal Law Enforcement for prosecution?

    Maybe I should call the U. S. Marshall’s office or the FBI and complain.

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