The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, April 21

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, April 21


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Testimony in the federal corruption trial of Andrew Gillum shifted Thursday from a now-famous New York City trip to the handling of grants and campaign contributions. Former FBI agent Michael Wiederspahn spent hours on the stand Thursday afternoon saying he was brought in to scour Andrew Gillum’s bank records for any signs of bribes or payments “from unexplained sources.”

At the City of Tallahassee budget workshop next week, city commissioners will hear a proposal to increase public safety spending due to violent crime trends. In addition, a proposed property tax increase will be presented as a method to fund the spending.

FAMU’s board of trustees approved $11 million to bring more student housing to campus. The $11 million is a preliminary investment to kick off the beginning phases of three housing projects for the university to house around 2,000 students. More money will be approved by the board of trustees as the timeline of construction moves along, and said the university hopes to have construction of the three housing units completed by 2026.


As Florida Congressman Michael Waltz becomes the next member of Florida’s congressional delegation to endorse former President Donald Trump for president, Florida Sen. Rick Scott said he will not be making an endorsement any time soon. “I don’t get involved in Primaries. I’ve got my own race. I’m up for re-election next November,” Scott said.

The Florida House passed a bill that would classify strangulation as assault that merits felony charges. It would make the penalty for the act a third-degree felony, which could lead to five years in state prison for those convicted, as long as the act is adjudged to have caused “great bodily harm.” The Senate companion legislation is currently making its way through committees.


No. 18 Florida State men’s tennis defeated Clemson 4-0 in the second round of ACC Championships on Thursday afternoon at Cary Tennis Park. Florida State will play No. 4 seed North Carolina in the quarterfinals of the ACC Championships on Friday at 3:30 p.m.

Florida State baseball hosts Virginia Tech for a three-game series this weekend. Friday night’s game will start at 8:00 p.m. with Saturday’s game slated for 3:00 p.m. and Sunday’s match-up at 11:00 a.m. The Noles are coming off a midweek loss in extra innings to the North Florida Ospreys, 15-14. All the games can be heard on 100.7 WFLA.  


9 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, April 21"

  1. This city and county does not have the ability, expertise, and wherewithal to facilitate a consolidated endeavor.

    Have you called 911 it is a disaster?

    The city manager is running City Hall like a campaign office and serving as the campaign manager and PR director for three elected officials.

    There may be hope for the police chief but he needs to be under different mentors and leadership because they are disaster.

    The rank and file in the Leon County Sheriff’s Office are under a disadvantage with their leadership there. What does that man do? I don’t see any proactiveness or improvements. There has to be one person at the Sheriff’s Office who would make a good Sheriff let’s hope they step up.

    And finally where is the story on the racism coming out of the state attorney’s office? That story has gone nationwide. The only question is why hasn’t the state attorney been disbarred over his display and misuse of office at the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce where he used taxpayers funds to attend an event to threaten a private business owner and elected official, called him names, and represented his office as being involved in his desire in controlling a local election.

  2. @ NE… I would agree, with a caveat. The tax increase shouldn’t even be proposed. The additional needed funds should be reallocated from any number of failed so-called crime-fighting social programs the city/county have created over the past many years.

    As for consolidation… the numbers indicated that the more pragmatic approach might be to consolidate the LCSO under TPD. The vast majority of Leon’s population lives within the city limits. Much like fire services, the city provides the county with fire services because the population size outside the city limits does not warrant or support the existence of a county fire department.

  3. The TPD property tax increase should go down in flames and taxpayers. Time for LEO consolidation under sheriff?

  4. @ jack quillman… nice and thoughtful post. However – and you know what comes after however 🙂 – the terse post I read her on TR (and admittedly sometimes post myself without careful thought) are child’s play compared to what you will read on other sites – much less Twidiot, Fakebook, and Instascam, et al…

    I’ve had to check myself from time to time, and have receive a deserved smack down from time to time also… but frustration levels are high throughout our nation, and so is misused censorship. And given the ever-growing violent behavior of the cancel culture against those with differing viewpoints, I totally get the concept of anonymity when offering ones’ thoughts and opinions on a plethora of topics and challenges facing us all.

    I for one applaud TR for their reasonable and cautious management of their blog… even when they smack me now and then. Your thoughtful comments are valued in a true and open discussion and debate. Please join it… and I’ll continue to do my best to temper my contributions.

    … and in the interest of full disclosure… I have no personal or professional connection to or interest in TR.

  5. Reese Goad can afford the tax increase he’s proposing since he makes $274,000. That’s 11 grand + on every paycheck. Similar to Ben Pingree at Blueprint who got run out of Wakulla County for not disclosing conflicts of interest.

    Getting appointed by Scott Maddox: good work if you can get it!

  6. To staff and our considerate contributors to the comments forum. Last month the “other” newspaper dropped their comments section, because of personal attacks and general vitriol.
    Some of our recent contributions read very much like those that flooded the Democrat. Maybe requiring a full name will separate the wheat from the shaft ? The Tallahassee Report’s comments section – is a must ! Where else can you find out more about Tallahassee, and get a good laugh first thing in the morning ?
    I can fully understand for security reasons using an alias. But for me – at my age ……bring it on.
    Maybe the answer is not to respond to the inappropriate and obvious WOKE bait.

    Staff — Please use (correct ) and place this rant – as you like. Jack

  7. Raising Property Taxes also means raising Mortgage Payments which means you will be killing the “Affordable Housing” plan.

    I can’t believe that Strangulation wasn’t already a Felony. There are a lot of crimes that should be made a Felony.

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