The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, April 25

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, April 25


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On April 20th, the Leon County Children’s Services Council voted to approve funding for 17 programs, projected to cost over $1.7 million in taxpayer dollars for 2023 summer programs. Get the details.

The Andrew Gillum trial has entered the second week. On Monday, Mike Alfano spent hours on the stand. Alfano headed up Gillum’s “Campaign to Defend Local Solutions,” which focused on pre-emption issues and is referred to as CDLS in the 19-count indictment.

Family and friends of fallen law enforcement officers were gathered at the Florida Capitol Sunday night to honor the memory of the fallen. The loved ones commemorated the ceremony by reading the names of the nearly 1,000 law enforcement officers killed in Florida in the line of duty since the year 1840. Family members of Tallahassee police officer Christopher Fariello attended Sunday’s ceremony. Fariello was killed on the job in June of last year.

On Wednesday, April 26, the Network of Entrepreneurs & Business Advocates (NEBA) will host Leon County Commissioner for District 3 Rick Minor at the Capital City Country Club. The luncheon begins at 11:30.

Capital City Bank recently announced that three bankers have received officer promotions. The promotions include Dan Fowler to senior vice president, Desiree Karp to credit administration officer and Jaynie Mitchell to business banking officer.


Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie is urging Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to announced his candidacy for president before the Florida Legislative Session ends. Massie is one of three congressional endorsements for DeSantis’ not-announced presidential campaign. Massie believes the race is still, for now, a “heads-up race between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.” However, he did express curiosity as to why DeSantis is traveling the world while the decision whether to run, or not, is still publicly undecided.

The two chambers of the Florida Legislature are not in agreement over whether or not to fund VISIT FLORIDA, the state’s tourism marketing agency. The Florida Senate wants to fund with agency with $80 million, but the Florida House wants to defund the agency. Those opposed to the agency continuing have said that local tourist-development councils should pick up the cost to market the Sunshine State, but proponents have said that the work VISIT FLORIDA does attracts people from across the county, and world, to move to and vacation in Florida.


Florida State men’s golf finished fifth at the ACC Championship. The No. 6 Noles will find out their NCAA regional site on May 5. The Selection Show will air at 1:00 p.m. on the GOLF Channel.


7 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, April 25"

  1. @ DeepStatePropagandist… you seem a little bitter today, almost Don Lemon bitter as it were. Carlson to the truth, said what needed to be said, and expose all members of the DC Uni-Party of treasonous corruption. From Pelosi, to McConnell, to Schumer, to Graham… all of them. And that’s why he had to go.

    If you think any of them give a rats tail-end about you… then you’ve already made your mistake.

  2. @David. While we’re railing on paying $80 to tout Florida tourism, let’s throw in the U.S. Department of Education. A $54 BILLION dollar a year agency that educates not a single child, hands out money like bubble gum, and has a mission statement of “promote education”.

    Let’s shut it down and put that $54,000,000,000 to better use!

  3. I would like to know WHY DeSantis is traveling the world while the Legislature is still in session.

    WHY do we need to pay a Company $80 MILLION DOLLARS to brag about Florida? I am pretty sure everyone already knows about Florida. Let the Mouse Advertise about his own House.

  4. Will the developer-funded Chambercrats support Reese’s property tax increase tomorrow? Matlow and Porter have both vowed to vote No on raising taxes. Both opposed Dailey’s CSC tax increase which has become a slush fund

  5. DupedHatePromoter

    I certainly didn’t watch Tucker Carlson but I don’t know what that has to do with the price of rice.

    Yet you ignore the racist incident in the State Attorney’s Office. You should be standing on the street corner yelling about that. At least it would give you some credibility.

  6. @TallahasseeReports Readers –

    On Tennessee street there is an out of shape middle aged man rambling subtly racist diatribes on wokeism, AOC, Muslims, and the tribulations of being an old white Christian in America. Just telling everyone in case our readers needed someone to tell them what to think now that Tucker Carlson is off the air.

  7. It’s not a “luncheon” it’s a fundraiser. Why can’t you print that? I don’t believe anything I read anymore because it seems like everyone in the media engages in this sort of thing. I just assume you are all laying from the start.

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