The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, May 4

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, May 4


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On May 2nd, Tallahassee City Mayor John Dailey appeared on the Steve Stewart Show on Real Talk 93.3. Dailey was asked to address a number of issues facing the City of Tallahassee.

A teenager was arrested in connection to last week’s shooting near FSU’s campus. The teen faces two counts of attempted Second Degree Murder and is not affiliated with FSU. During a dispute, the teenager and a group with him began to physically attack the suspect, police allege. Then the suspect pulled a gun on the victim.

After a juror posted about the trial of Andrew Gillum and Sharon Lettman-Hicks on LinkedIn, Judge Allen Winsor decided to keep the juror on the jury. Judge Winsor said that the posts did not have anything to do with her being exposed to outside information. He also said the length of the deliberations factored into the decision to keep her on. Lettman-Hicks’ attorney wanted the juror dismissed but Gillum’s attorney supported keeping the juror.


The Florida House passed a bill that would name a stretch of Cortez Boulevard between U.S. 41 and S.R. 50/50A in Hernando County as “Rush Limbaugh Way.” Democrats objected to the move saying, “I can’t believe that we are honoring a racist.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis lowered the flags to half-staff when Limbaugh passed away and will likely sign the bill. The bill passed 87-25 and contained other tributes designations across Florida.

The Florida House also passed a bill by a vote of 84-31 in January and the Florida Senate passed the same bill 29-6 which will permanent bans on mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Democrats called it a “big government” bill. The new legislation comes a few days ahead of the scheduled May 11 end to the federal public health emergency. DeSantis reiterated his view that COVID mandates were about control. “COVID was really the means they used,” DeSantis said. “They really just wanted to control your behavior.”


FSU softball outlasted the Florida Gators last night 8-7, as the Noles earned the season sweep over their arch rival. The Seminoles return home on Friday for the final series of the regular season against Louisville. First pitch is set for 6 p.m. and available to stream on ACC Network Extra and 96.5 FM.


7 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, May 4"

  1. The verdict is in, the city of Tallahassee is irredeemably corrupt throughout. Even the citizenry doesn’t know right from wrong.

  2. The prosecutors vow to retry the other charges which are the much more serious charges that could add up to over 300 years in prison. The charge that the two defendants were acquitted of today had a 5-year maximum.

    Don’t know why anyone would be celebrating as the retrial is on the horizon for the very serious charges.

  3. And just like that, Gillum avoids an orange suit.
    What a travesty of justice!

    But one I absolutely expected in this corrupt town.

    Folks, we’ve been OJ’ed.

    Jack, you are spot on.

    Feds, go F yourselves for Monkeying This Up.

  4. The teen faces two counts of Attempted Second Degree Murder………… No charges for the illegal GUN? It is against the LAW for Teens to have GUNS.

    The Government calls Bill that permanent bans mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandates a “big government” bill? You ARE the Government.

  5. It’s not about the law. Having witnessed most of the Gillum/Hicks trial, I’ve decided, that if ever guilty …I want a jury. Easy to identify and choose the needy juror that will break from the herd and come to my defense .
    Early on, a few jurors had stopped taking notes – the facts won’t matter anyway, because after the defense questioned the agents of various nonprofits that donated to Gillum’s machine (none of them had an issue with how their money was spent.) Actually said in court, “no harm-no foul .”
    So- it looks like nothing to see here. Whats’ the big deal about wire fraud anyway ?
    This case was settled in the picking the fury. My apologies to the jurors – who took notes and stood their ground.

  6. Regarding Gillum’s attorney wanting the juror retained, it’s a numbers game.

    The length of these deliberations suggest that we may be dealing with a hung jury. Losing a juror may mean that the potentially lone holdout is removed.

    It’s easy to see why both sides reacted as they did.

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