Florida Gasoline Prices Drop

Florida Gasoline Prices Drop

By The News Service of Florida

Gasoline prices in Florida and nationally continued to decline last week, with Florida motorists paying an average of $3.56 a gallon Monday for a gallon of regular unleaded, according to the AAA auto club. That was down from $3.64 a week earlier and down from a 2023 peak of $3.72 on April 21.

According to AAA, Tallahassee gas prices average $3.419.

AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said he anticipates the trend will continue. Gasoline supplies were disrupted last month by major flooding in parts of South Florida. “Pump prices are still coming back down from the spike caused by the flooding in South Florida,” Jenkins said in a prepared statement. “Additionally, the oil market suffered its third consecutive week of declines, which should apply more downward pressure on prices at the pump.”

Nationally, the average price Monday was $3.54 a gallon, down 7 cents from a week earlier. The highest average prices in Florida continue to be found in the West Palm Beach and Naples areas, while the lowest prices are in the Panhandle.

11 Responses to "Florida Gasoline Prices Drop"

  1. Prices drop all the time. But we see the price increase on average more than the drop. That is the real story.

  2. @Philip

    Gas prices from 2017 to 2020 where in the $2.20-$2.80 range. Since the summer of 2021 gas has not been below $3.00. Might want to double check who was in the White House for those years.

  3. Philip

    The race card, the climate change card, the woke card, the BLM card, and now the pandemic card to add to your deck of cards that you play to deflect that you have no platform and no solutions to the problems you created. Still a few cards short of a full deck so you need to fold ’em because Jokers don’t count.

  4. Gas was cheap when Trump was president because of a worldwide glut due to the pandemic shutting down entire ports and cities. Duhhh!!! It’s higher now because OPEC knows stupid people will blame Biden. Do you think they gave Kushner two billion for nothing?

  5. Annual fuel prices have normal variations with spikes over the summer and predictable high-travel periods.

    We’re between spring break and summer so a small dip isn’t unexpected. Beware of the “summer jump” as the price will gain more than it just lost….

  6. Gas prices were great with Trump and horrible with Biden and they still are horribly high. Thankfully EVERYONE wants BYE- Done out and he has no chance in 2024.

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