The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, May 12

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, May 12


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During a controversial Blueprint IA meeting, elected officials voted to hold off on approving the Northeast Park due to concerns related to project costs. The item will be taken up again on June 15. Elected officials did approve the Market District placemaking project. TR story to follow.

On May 9th, the Leon County Commission reviewed a report from the Mount Olive Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation that detailed a proposal to house a police officer in Frenchtown. Mt. Olive proposed that the County purchase a single-family home located in Frenchtown and sell the home to a law enforcement officer to mitigate crime.

Check out TR’s news briefs from the May 9th Leon County Commission meeting.


A new law placing additional restrictions on public-employee unions has been hit with a second legal challenge, with unions representing city workers in South Florida saying it violates the state Constitution. Three unions representing workers in Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Deerfield Beach, Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach filed a lawsuit late Tuesday in Leon County circuit court, hours after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the law. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed 37 bills, including a measure that will prevent the release of past and future travel records of DeSantis and other state leaders. DeSantis also signed bills that will lead to the state inspecting Walt Disney World’s monorail system and require school districts to share local property-tax revenues with charter schools.


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  1. @ A Skeptic = Correct. Unions are afraid that once the member actually has to write the check each Month, they will drop out which would be good. That silver Lining is the only one there is. The Teachers should get out of the Union and each School should form a “Group” and act like a Union as a Group. If they feel they are being mistreated, that Group of Teachers at that school ban together and do what they need to do as a Group.

  2. Unions take your money then tell you what to think and how to vote.
    Unions are no longer relevant in today’s society.
    Pocket your earned income, then think and make your own decisions on whom to vote for.

  3. Unions served a valuable purpose upon their inception with their original charge… but such is the case with most power-hungry politically-motivated organizations, they’ve forgotten their charge, jumped the shark, and now do more harm than good. They no longer represent workers, they represent political ideologies and agendas… and that’s what PACs are for. Unions and the left-wing media are nothing more than Political Action Committees masquerading as Unions and media.

  4. @David. I’m sure that an overwhelming number of Union members would choose to not pay dues, or pay less, if they had to write the check themselves instead of having it deducted from the paycheck. The Unions are all about getting that money and any inconvenience or awkward discussions regarding their members is a trivial price to pay for that revenue.

    Education is largely controlled and funded at the local level. That nearly all public education teachers are funding a major Democrat money fund at the state level while continuing to be underpaid suggests that those entering the teaching profession aren’t really that much smarter than the kids that they’re supposed to teach.

    It’s be really interesting to see an analysis of total union dues paid over the years, total contributions to Democrats, and its real impact on teacher salaries.

  5. Very true David. The worst one of all is the local PBA, which uses taxpayer funded Union dues to play politics and is behind the current push to raise property taxes to pay for their budget overruns. Nevermind the whole drug testing debacle which was bad enough.

  6. @ parent, I trusted him to do something about the high cost of insuring anything in this state. Mainly because he said he would. Instead, he picked a fight with Disney ( he could have ignored them, his bill passed, the market would have taken care of Disney) and he made sure any wack job without a record can walk around with a Glock in the small of their back. Not exactly high on my list of priorities.

    I concur, Ron needs to cool his jets and focus full time on the job he was elected to do.

  7. The public-employee Unions are not seeing the Silver Lining to having the Employee’s pay them Directly instead of having the Due’s taken out of their Checks. NOW the Employer (or anyone else) WON’T know who is in the Union and Retaliate.

  8. Ron is really making it hard to trust him. All voting reports and inspection reports and most other information around elections should be posted public record, not upon request. Hiding his travel is very sus, and he needs to stay in FLA and wait until 2028 to run for president.. Great job on the environment and blocking CBDCs should be #1 priority.

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