The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, May 15

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, May 15


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TR EXCLUSIVE: On May 11th, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) voted to delay a decision on the Northeast Park project after concerns were voiced about the $18 million cost and the scope of the project. Find out who voted to delay the project.

A one-year-old passed away as a result of being struck by a vehicle in Tallahassee. The crash happened just after 6:30 p.m. in the 100 block of Great Lakes Street. The driver has been identified but no further information is being released as it is an ongoing information. The public is encouraged to come forward with information anonymously if they have it by calling 850-574-TIPS.

Tallahassee Community College is adding three new degree programs for careers in high-demand fields. The programs were approved by the State Board of Education in March. The move comes after Flagler College, a private institution based in St. Augustine, decided to close the three satellite programs it offered on the TCC campus.

Nearly a year after his passing, fallen TPD Officer Christopher Fariello is being honored in Washington, D.C. during National Police Week. Fariello’s name will join 23,000 other names etched in stone as part of the national police monument.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation that will move back middle and high school start times to no earlier than 8:00 a.m. for middle schools and no earlier than 8:30 a.m. for high school starting in the 2026-2027 school year. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended adjusting school start times since 2014.

In the wake of marine Daniel Penny facing a manslaughter charge after an incident in a New York subway, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is offering his public support for Penny calling him a Good Samaritan. “We must defeat the Soros-Funded DAs, stop the Left’s pro-criminal agenda, and take back the streets for law abiding citizens. We stand with Good Samaritans like Daniel Penny. Let’s show this Marine… America’s got his back,” DeSantis tweeted Friday.


Florida State softball are your 2023 ACC Champs. A 2-1 win over Duke on Saturday got them the win and the Seminoles have won eight out of the last nine ACC Championships and swept the ACC Regular Season Championship and the ACC Tournament Championships for the 14th time. Kathryn Sandercock was named the ACC Tournament MVP.


8 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, May 15"

  1. @Snidely:
    We all share a sense of anonymity here behind it we feel free to post exactly what we think.

    But make no mistake. Somewhere, someone knows more about us than we’re comfortable with. Our email addresses alone are enough to identify us. The host IP address from where our messages come is, too. If you’re operating in a government office that IP address generally traces back to a specific desktop. Home IP addresses don’t often change so it, too, is usually enough for identification.

    And all of that information has nefarious applications. The only question(s) that I have is who has that data and at what level of government are there plans, realized or not, to use it against those critical of specific policies or individuals.

  2. @Maven:
    Good catch but you & I knew the fix was in for Gillum even prior to those boat photos up in NYC. Most likely we should not say “We Told Y’all So!”

    So we wont out of respect for our diverse cross-section of TR readership…some very sensitive to being told that someone “told them so”.

  3. ?Feds Move to Dismiss All Charges Against Gillum

    I think the Feds who monkeyed this up should have to pay the government back for the expenses they billed the TAXPAYERS.

    And be outed – no more blurred out pics.

  4. The story of the 1 year old seems to be the only traffic related item in the local news today.

    I’m wondering what happened at North Monroe and John Knox late Sunday that all traffic was diverted away from the intersection. Northbound traffic was diverted at Silver Slipper Ave while Southbound traffic was diverted at Allen Rd. All of it complicated by a strong thunderstorm overhead while the incident was being handled.

    The only story I’ve found was on the WCTV site with a “check back for updates” message following a 3-sentence explanation. With their expected lack of followup I’m hoping that someone else will also report on the incident.

  5. Arrest the parent of the 1 year old that allowed the child near a road unsupervised.

    Daniel Perry. No good deed goes unpunished. I would never set foot in New York.

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