Superintendent Rocky Hanna Responds to Florida DOE Complaint

Superintendent Rocky Hanna Responds to Florida DOE Complaint

Leon County School Superintendent Rocky Hanna has responded to the Florida Department of Education (DOE)’s complaint in a letter he posted on Facebook.

Recently, the DOE had given the Superintendent four options for potential discipline over his alleged “politically charged statements”.  The four options are: a formal hearing with the Division of Administrative Hearings, an informal hearing, a settlement or surrendering his professional educator certificate. However, the Superintendent has chosen to not pick any of those options.

In the letter posted on Facebook, Hanna wrote, “The Florida Department of Education has given me four options to choose from. Each one having challenges and the potential for political interference.” The letter then states, “In a consultation with my personal attorney, I have chosen to not respond to the Commissioner of the Education, asking him what he would propose to resolve this matter.”

The investigation into Hanna’s actions began after a member of the Moms for Liberty wrote to the Governor asking for Hanna to be removed from office over allegedly using his personal beliefs to shape his administration of the school district.

The Superintendent stated, “I remain optimistic that the Commissioner and decision makers in the Department of Education will realize that I have not done the things they have accused me of.” Additionally, he stated, “I absolutely have no ‘history of defying the law’ nor have I ever suggested to anyone to violate the law or not teach the Florida Standards as established by the Board of Education.”

Parents, teachers, and students gathered together during the last School Board Meeting to show support for the superintendent. Hanna received more than 300 hand written letters from Tallahassee citizens. The Superintendent expressed his gratitude for the support he’s garnered over the past several weeks. He stated, “It has given me a renewed sense of strength, commitment and resolve.”

3 Responses to "Superintendent Rocky Hanna Responds to Florida DOE Complaint"

  1. I do not even have children in school and the Superintendent of our district is constantly being mentioned in our paper for all the GOOD he does for this school system , which by the way is ranked number 10 in Georgia out of over 150 counties. You poor people pay unbelievable taxes to pay the salary and legal fees for this man! There is not a week that goes by when there isn’t a article about Rocky and his nonsense..What a joke this school system is.

  2. I believe the election results in 2020 were 60-40 for Hanna over Hightower.

    Based on that result, 60% of Leon County voters are horrifically ignorant and don’t care about the absolute destruction and abuse this Superintendent and the School Board has done to all our public schools.

    Of course fans of Hanna will come out like cockroaches to cover him with praise given those election results. Mass formation psychosis at its best.

  3. “Hanna received more than 300 hand written letters from Tallahassee citizens.”

    That equates to less than 0.1% of the total “citizens” in Leon County… not necessarily a ringing endorsement

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