TPD Investigating Homicide in SE Tallahassee

TPD Investigating Homicide in SE Tallahassee

The Tallahassee Police Department is currently conducting a homicide investigation following a shooting. Just before 7 p.m., on Thursday an adult male victim reported he had been shot and drove himself to the area of Capital Circle Southeast and Midyette Road where he crashed his vehicle.

The victim was transported to a local hospital and sadly succumbed to injuries sustained in the shooting. At this time, detectives are working to determine where the shooting took place. This remains an open and active investigation and updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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  1. Right across from Southwood if I not mistaken. SE Tally use to be a great place before this century ushered in.

  2. @Edward — A reputable source has revealed that the gun was stored too close to the liquor cabinet. When the owner was distracted the gun “over lubricated” itself, then went outside, shot somebody, and was too inebriated to make its way back indoors.

    Straight from the rumor mill, after spending the next 25 to life locked in a dark, cold safe somewhere the pistol will be melted down to make toilet parts.

  3. Most likely black on black crime, nothing to see here. If the shooter was white and the victim was black it would make national news for weeks on end.

  4. Meanwhile, the CSC, Men and Boys Club, and whatever pet project the Sheriff endorses are doling out millions in salaries, “travel”, office space, swag and perks galore in a “heartfelt” effort to stop violent crime… What a monumental disservice to our community those people perform, all they do is take, and everything gets worse.

    What the people need is a healthy fear of retribution, and that requires cops and prisons. Because if they come to my house they won’t have time to be afraid.

  5. Just another day in the Tallahassee area. What you need to do is: stay out of the 32304, vote for candidates that actually will get tough on crime, buy a gun and learn to use it, buy Concealed Carry Insurance to protect your wealth when a liberal prosecutor decides to charge you with manslaughter for shooting a stranger that broke into your home and take your kids to church.

    Crime Pays. It pays very well. Politicians are getting wealthy, in our community, for taking your money and buying into programs directed at reducing crime. Do you actually believe Royle King could land a career paying almost $90K/plus perks a year if not for his Men and Boys Club? Shootings are more frequent. Did you see the idiotic meeting our local officials held yesterday (or the day before) to reduce crime? It was worse than those mandatory HR briefings you are forced to attend at work. We suffer because Identity Politics rules the day.

    Gillum got his charges dropped the same way most other black defendants get their charges dropped. The defense attorneys stack the jury with black folks that have family members in prison. Activist Jurors. Play the race-card. And the uneducated black juror votes to acquit black defendants.

    It is going to get worse before it gets better if it every does. The last thing I want is a park near my home that will draw in under-privileged youth into my community…more less spend $22 million to build it.

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