Single-Family Construction Permits Up in April

Single-Family Construction Permits Up in April

According to filings with Leon County and the City of Tallahassee, the number of single-family new construction permits were up 16.1% in April, 2023 when compared to April, 2022.

There were 65 permits issued April, 2023, up from the 56 issued one year ago. However, the value of the April 2023 permits was $13.4 million, down 13.5%, from the 15.5 million reported in April 2022.

The 3-Mnth Ave. data – which smooths out the month to month volatility – shows a 36.3% increase in the number of permits from one year ago. The 3-Mnth Ave. data also shows a 11.2% decline in total permit value, from $14.3 million in 2022 to $12.7 million 2023.

The chart below shows the number of permits issued each month for the last 25-month period. A 3-Mnth Ave. line is also included. The chart shows that the upward in permits began in December, 2022.

3 Responses to "Single-Family Construction Permits Up in April"

  1. Home construction is a seasonal business, with expected dips and rises. Note that November is the slowest month in the 12-month periods shown.

    Again, visuals need to come closer to telling a complete story. The average cost of the houses in the April 22 sampling is about $277,000. The April 23 sampling is about $206,000. It says a lot about the expected new home buyers when the average price drop is about 25% despite the overall inflation rate and high cost of building materials.

  2. Who is responsible for the monstrosity new homes on Apalachee Parkway between Conner Boulevard and the National Cemetery? Also, the gambling building they shut down a few weeks ago had an “open” sign. Boulos still does not know how to maintain their development’s right of way on Apalachee Parkway, another monstrosity.

  3. First, can the writer use financial industry accepted abbreviations for average and month (avg and mo, respectively)? Plus, provide an historical chart to pre-Pandemic time periods as is industry standard in providing overall local recovery progress?

    Also, for perspective, highlighting key development areas, pluses/minuses, would be tremendous in understanding their contributions as well as those on the drawing board. Also, their impact on hiring local employees would be awesome.

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