The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, May 25

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, May 25


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On May 24th, Leon County Commissioner Christian Caban sent a letter to the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency addressing the discourse from the last meeting surrounding the proposed Northeast Park Project. Caban noted that the meeting and media surrounding it reached an inflection point that made Caban feel “uncomfortable,” and that he wanted to “take this opportunity to clear the air and make sure we as leaders are all on the same page and operating in a shared reality”. 

TR’s news briefs from the Leon County School Board meeting that took place on May 22, 2023 are now available.

City Walk homeless shelter is now looking for a new building as they were forced to vacate their overnight shelter operations due to fire code violations. Executive Director Renee Miller said they have been able to find 19 residents shelter throughout the city and county with other organizations. The cost to get the building up to code would have cost upwards around $100,000, according to Miller, which prompted the new building search.


It’s official. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is running for president. DeSantis made the announcement by posting a campaign video to Twitter followed by a Twitter Space interview with Twitter Chairman Elon Musk. DeSantis touted his record as governor leading Florida through the COVID pandemic and claiming victory is numerous high-profile bills signed into law over the last few legislative sessions.

Black Republicans in Florida are responding to the NAACPs recent “travel advisory” for minorities traveling to Florida by saying they support the effort of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Reps. Webster Barnaby, Berny Jacques and Kiyan Michael are disagreeing with the Florida Legislative Black Caucus, as well, which offered their support for the NAACP’s position. “We strongly stand with Governor DeSantis in his fight against woke ideology,” reads the statement from the three House members. “His leadership in Florida has led to expanded school choice, record low crime rates, and record low unemployment. These are results that all Floridians can be proud of!”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, amid the fanfare of announcing his candidacy for the GOP nomination for president, signed “Greyson’s Law” hoping to ensure children are safe from parental harm. Courts will soon be required to consider threats against ex-partners or spouses when setting child visitation and custody policies. It’s called “Greyson’s Law,” named for Greyson Kessler, a 4-year-old Broward County boy who was killed by his father in a 2021 murder-suicide.


FSU softball plays host to the No. 14 Georgia Bulldogs in Game 1 on the Super Regional tonight at 7:00 p.m. on ESPN2. 


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  1. @ News Maven = Don’t forget that :

    The City Commission wants to raise our Property Taxes to have better Snacks at their Meetings and to waste.

    The County Commission wants to raise our Property Taxes to have more money to waste.

    The LCSB wants to raise our Property Taxes to get Teachers a Raise.

    The State wants to raise our Taxes to have more money to waste.

    OH, and you can probably bet that, the CSC will be demanding MORE money soon.

  2. Get out your wallets Taxahasseans. Our property taxes are about to get jacked up again.

    Because, for our libtard overlords, they can never have enough of your money.

  3. Pat A. I know Ben Crump. I like him but I almost never agree with him. He is a smart man and I have to admire him for reversing his decision on this issue.

  4. City Walk has a good heart and genuinely cares for the homeless, but they do not meet fire code standards, Who is responsible if people die from a flash fire?

  5. When all this City Walk homeless shelter issue began, one of the first articles I remember reading said that the City Walk homeless shelter was set up there as an Temporary Emergency Shelter because of the super Cold Temps were were experiencing that year. Key words being “Temporary Emergency Shelter” tells me that it was just Temporary, meaning, NOT Permanent. Something more Permanent needs to be developed.

  6. I am guessing, after 4 days, if TR was going to cover Ben Crump’s Faux Pas, they would have by now. It doesn’t get more local.

    From Fox News, “A prominent civil rights attorney deleted his viral tweet that attacked a female New York City hospital worker hours after her lawyer threatened defamation lawsuits in a Fox News segment against those who defamed her.”

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