TPD: Officers Ambushed in Tom Brown Park, Suspect Dead

TPD: Officers Ambushed in Tom Brown Park, Suspect Dead

The Tallahassee Police Department is reporting that a drug investigation led officers for the TPD and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to a suspect in Tom Brown Park that resulted in an ambush, and a deceased suspect.

From TPD:

On May 25, the Tallahassee Police Department conducted a drug investigation in which a suspect fled from law enforcement. Later that night, at approximately 10:30 p.m., a call for service was reported to the Consolidated Dispatch Agency advising the suspect who detectives were searching for was seen in Tom Brown Park.

While officers and a deputy with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office responded to assist with the investigation, an armed woman ambushed law enforcement and opened fire on them. The officers and deputy returned fire and the female suspect was struck. She was transported to a local hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

Thankfully, no law enforcement officers were injured as a result of this incident. Additionally, there is no ongoing threat to public safety, and there are no outstanding suspects. This is an open and active investigation, and a press briefing will be held at 9 a.m. with more details.

TPD is expected to be release more information during a news conference set for 9 a.m. at TPD Headquarters.

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  1. Next to marrying my husband over 40 years ago, getting the heck out of Tallahassee 8 years ago was the best decision. I watched for over 20 years since the mid 1990’s the Gary Y. days this capital north Florida city go to hell in a hand basket, by the Democrats running everything into the ground. Its not surprising that a few have been arrested and gone to prison..I live now retired in a beautiful quiet town with one commissioner. You would be shocked how much gets done legally and that must be one of the reasons we see lots of Florida tags and lots of Leon Co tags and FSU stickers. Sadly the secret is out here in Georgia.

  2. Lack of education, hard work, not abiding by faith based principles breeds ignorance and it is a rampant and it should be declared an epidemic. It spreads DAILEY.

    The focus is on special interests, bogus nonprofits designed only to kick back to entrenched incumbents, misuse of tax dollars for a kick back in a campaign contribution, cushy inner city job promotions to entrench the regime and the cycle repeats… the inmates are running the asylum.

  3. Saturday morning abc27’s coverage included a (black) group calling for more “community policing”. Community policing means less cops in (32304) bad neighborhoods and more police scrutiny. IMO, politics has stopped local officials from taking any action to stop crime. Well, any action except giving criminals a 3rd, 4th, 5th chance.

  4. @ D.Hawkins I don’t know how the democrat reported it but this is how they reported it on the Greg Tish Show on 93.3. Tish: “Two TPD Officers were ambushed in Tom Brown Park last night.” Tish’s sidekick: “but the “feel good” part of the story is; one of our former interns is the TPD spokesperson. I just love it when our interns do good, remember Bobby Mack, Greg?”

    Then they went on for five minutes about their stupid interns and never got back to the “tragic” part. So all I know is two cops were shot at and a female shooter is dead.

    Everything is broken, and if you know how to fix it there is something wrong with you…

  5. While driving home from work yesterday I saw another example of what our local politicians have created. Heading North on Monroe and approaching the light at Lakeshore Dr, there were 2 guys standing in the median. They seemed to disappear, and traffic went a little nuts. Apparently they just decided it was time to cross the road, traffic be damned. The left lane did a good job of not running them over, or taking out another driver. The middle lane saw what was happening and also stopped. I was 2 or 3 vehicles back, and when the guys stepped out of the left lane all kinds of things went through my head. 2 guys, both in their 20s, perhaps 30. Both way too thin. A white kid wearing a white t-shirt, and a black kid with no shirt. The white kid had the other in a headlock and was dragging him across the street. He was yelling at traffic, angry, and threatening the drivers in the first vehicles. They made it across the street without dying. I don’t know what the dragging was all about, but it was clear that recreational chemistry was involved, probably Meth.

    Thanks again, Tallahassee politicians.

  6. Tallahassee could have had a Harvard grad former Jag officer current governor make his announcement to run for President of the United States in Tallahassee, but Tallahassee is so stupid in their politics we get a shootout in a park. Thank you Scott Maddox, Andrew Gillum, Sean Pittman, Gary Yordan, Jack Campbell, Walt McNeil, John DAILEY, Curtis Richardson, DWC, and Nick Maddox and all your stupid taxpayer wasted dollars on your silly programs and nonprofits and your junkets to Amelia Island for making Tallahassee what it is today. When any of the above morons think they are Governor material they will get a sad awakening when they get -1% of the vote in their primary. They think they are big stuff in Tallahassee but statewide they are a joke. Another reason for a nationwide search for a legitimate city manager.

    Shows that Best Governor in America is a genius for not choosing Tallahassee. Good call Governor!

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