The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, June 5

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, June 5


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Local candidates are already raising campaign funds for the 2024 election cycle. Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch has raised $72,815 and City Commissioner Jack Porter has reported $23,620. Get the numbers for other candidates here.

There were 4 aggravated assaults, 4 aggravated batteries, and 6 auto thefts reported over the weekend. See the TPD incident report here.

A woman was hit by a vehicle and killed on the 2800 block of Apalachee Parkway on Friday. Tallahassee Police Department increased patrols in multiple areas around Tallahassee from January to May with the goal of reducing pedestrian and bicyclist crashes. No charges have yet been filed and the investigation is open and ongoing.


According to Sunshine State Battleground Polls, former President Donald Trump leads Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis 53-33. Most age groups prefer Trump by large margins, with DeSantis most competitive among voters 65 and older, where he trails 45 percent to 36 percent. No other candidates are remotely competitive: Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and Vivek Ramaswamy all register 2 percent support, with others even farther back.

Riley Gaines, the outspoken All-American collegiate swimmer who became known for speaking out against transgender athletes in women’s sports, has officially endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president. “His leadership has been crucial in rooting out the radical ideology that’s really driving this insanity, and really bringing visibility to these cultural issues that affect the breakdown of families, the breakdown of faith, the breakdown of freedoms,” Gaines said.


Florida State softball held on to defeat the Washington Huskies 3-1 in the Women’s College World Series. They have advanced to the national semifinals and play tonight against Tennessee/Oklahoma State. This marks the Seminoles’ first-ever 2-0 start to the WCWS and fourth straight WCWS trip advancing to the national semifinals.

In the Gainesville college baseball regional, the UConn Huskies had a late surge and ended the FAMU Rattlers’ historic baseball season 9-6. The Rattlers got on board early, and ended the game with a total of four home runs. But the Huskies eventually came from behind and solidified their lead in late innings to send the Rattlers home.


8 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, June 5"

  1. And were Riley Gaines to be raped and impregnated, unable to abort, she’d still probably love Ron. Oh, but wait, she has the money to travel to a state that supports a woman’s right to choose.
    I was sympathetic to her message not to have to compete against transwomen in sports. But endorsing Christofascist Ron is totally out of her lane, not good for the majority of women and girls, and I have no more sympathy for her.

  2. Just a point or two, for what it’s worth… if I may…

    1. So… 4 aggravated assaults, 4 aggravated batteries, and 6 auto thefts reported over the weekend… so much for that $5-million boondoggle. It was suppose to keep us from becoming like Chicago, not the other way around…. hmmmmm. “Always More; Never Enough”

    2. The word “killed”, in today’s common vernacular, is most often associated with an intentional act resulting in a person being “killed”. With respect to the woman hit by a vehicle on Apalachee… a more accurate description would that she was “hit by a vehicle and died”. I know it’s nitpicking, but… you know. “Patrols” do nothing, nor can do anything, to prevent this from happening. Common sense, personal responsibility, and caution at all times in any circumstance is the only solution.

    3. Be careful not to put too much weight on polls – particularly this early. Polls are bought and paid for, and in today’s divisive political and ideological environment, they can and most likely will be manipulated to produce a desired outcome. Today’s political consultants have figured out that not only can you lead a horse to water, but with the right propaganda… you can get many of them to blindly drink it.

    4. Good call on Riley Gaines’ part. And the Governor would do wise to proudly and publicly accept her endorsement. Trump will likely attack and insult her. I like Trump, but he doesn’t learn. You cant properly vindicate unless you win the power to do so… just say’n.

    5. GO FSU WOMENS SOFTBALL TEAM! Focus on the goal ladies, focus on the goal. You’ve already made us proud… now make yourselves champions.

  3. @Pat — there was a 3 car wreck at Hermitage and Capital Circle Sunday afternoon. Traffic was certainly a mess, but my real issue is with the people working the accident once the vehicles were cleared and traffic resumed, the guys in yellow vests walked into and across Capital Circle like it was their own back yard. No regard to traffic, the light, or anything else, then casually strolled across expecting traffic the yield to them.

    That’s a special kind of stupid.

  4. Riley Gaines is correct about the radical ideology. As reported today by the Daily Wire, the documentary “What Is A Woman?” … “has amassed more than 170 million views since being posted by The Daily Wire’s Twitter account Thursday — the first day of Pride Month — making it one of the most successful documentaries of all time.”

  5. Regarding the woman hit and killed on the Parkway last Friday, I’m disappointed that there’s so little about the incident being reported. I got caught up in the post-incident traffic (twice) and when I got back to the office warned a coworker about the incident. She was already aware as she was familiar with the pedestrian who was a frail, older woman that had difficulty walking. I’ve learned more from office gossip than from all the media combined!

  6. To many times I see people J-Walking and as they do it, they walk slow as if they HOPE to get hit so they can sue. I also see a lot of Bicyclist doing stupid moves that almost gets them hit by Vehicles.

    Several months ago I saw a White TPD Toyota with the words “Community Officer” on the sides. I remember we used to have a bunch of those in the past driving Chevy Celebrity’s and I would see them every where taking care of Minor things to free up the Officers. I am shocked that I have only seen ONE and it was about 4 or 5 Months ago. They could be out stopping J-Walkers and Bad Bicyclists writing them Tickets.

  7. Ref “There were 4 aggravated assaults, 4 aggravated batteries, and 6 auto thefts reported over the weekend”

    Tallahassee, Quincy and Havana all have a Black Crime Problem. Just read the Leon Co Sheriff’s Booking Report and read the Gadsden Co Court Calendar.

    Experts have their reasons and a plan to fix the problem. But the only thing you can count on is the problem is getting worse.

    You cannot change the future when the black community ignores your advice and instead embrasses the gangter lifestyle and being on welfare.

    Sure, local arrests include white folks and hispanics but the vast majority of local criminals are black.

    Just saying

  8. Ref: “A woman was hit by a vehicle and killed on the 2800 block of”

    Just because you have the right of way doesn’t mean you can safely walk in front of a motor vehicle. I see it a lot. People in parking lots or crossing the road step out in front of vehicles without a care they could be hurt. Trust but verify the driver sees you.

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