City Growth Management to Consider FAMU Way Housing Complex, Southwood Retail/Liquor Store

City Growth Management to Consider FAMU Way Housing Complex, Southwood Retail/Liquor Store

On Thursday, June 8, 2023 the City of Tallahassee will hold a Type A & Pre-Submittall meeting for the two projects listed below. For information about how to view or participate in the meeting, to request a special accommodation or to provide public comment please contact Land Use and Environmental Services at (850)891-7001, Option 4, or contact

Type A Site Plan

Cascades Trail Student Housing (TSP230041) is located on 4.81 acres at 464 FAMU Way. The project proposes the development of a 5-story student housing complex consisting of 215-units, clubhouse, amenity space, and associated parking. The property is zoned CC (Central Core) and is located within the Multi-Modal Transportation District (MMTD).

PROJECT COORDINATOR: Lance Jacobson, Senior Planner,
TAX ID#: 4101202060000
APPLICANT: Moore Bass Consulting, Inc., Ben Hood, (850) 222-5678
TIME: 8:30 AM


3579 S Blairstone Road (TPA230076) is located on 1.20 acres at 3579 S Blair Stone Road. The proposed project is for the development of a 10,500 sq ft mixed use retail/liquor store with drive-thru. The property is zoned Planned Unit Development (Southwood PUD).

See plans here.

PROJECT COORDINATOR: Kate Daniel, Principal Planner,
TAX ID#: 311625 B0020
APPLICANT: Poole Engineering & Surveying, Jack Trafton, (850) 386-5117
TIME: 9:15 AM

5 Responses to "City Growth Management to Consider FAMU Way Housing Complex, Southwood Retail/Liquor Store"

  1. The city is not paying to build student housing and this development is across the street from FAMU. Cannot get any closer without actually being on campus. FAMU and FSU are also planning more on campus housing developments.

  2. @ Commonsense = I believe most liquor stores have a “Drive Thru”, just like Fast Food Joints.

  3. WOW, a drive-thru liquor store! Soon we’ll have drive-thru recreational marijuana joints too.

    Just imagine; from the convenience of your car, while smoking a couple of joints, you can end your evening chugging a bottle of whiskey all without ever having to walk anywhere on the new multi-use trails paid for with YOUR tax dollars.

    Tallahassee leaders must be very proud of the establishments they approve. Tallahassee sure is a classy, family-friendly city.

  4. The Cascades Trail Student Housing will have 215 Units. How much will it ACTUALLY cost to Build, including buying the Land? If the City / County Commission says it will be $20Million to build, We all know that it will actually be closer to $28Million.

    The 3 Star “Residence Inn by Marriott” at Rail Road & Gaines, how many Rooms does it have?
    How much do you think it could be bought for and turn into that Student Housing. It is already built, Furnished has all the Amenities, and Parking. It is close to FSU, FAMU and both Stadiums. Change some Signage and you are done.

  5. Why is the city trying to build “student housing” as far from the FSU, FAMU, and TCC as they can find within the city limits?

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