Mayor Dailey Meets With Killearn Homeowners Association on NE Park

Mayor Dailey Meets With Killearn Homeowners Association on NE Park

On Tuesday, June 6, Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey met with the Killearn Homeowners Association (KHA) Board of Directors (BOD) and provided an update regarding the Northeast Park project. The project will be addressed at the next Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency meeting on June 15 after action was delayed due to concerns about cost and scope.

Dailey told the BOD that he wanted to clear up two issues. First, he said there will be a Northeast Park per the referendum that was passed by Leon County voters addressing Blueprint infrastructure projects.

And second, Dailey said he wanted to dispel any rumors that the City of Tallahassee would take control of the park. He said this will be a County park operated by Leon County.  

Daily said his concerns about the project relate to the cost and scope of the park. He also discussed possible park access issues.

On the cost issue, Dailey reiterated his views that he stated at the last Blueprint meeting – he believes that the park can be built for $12 million, not the $18 million that was proposed. Dailey bases this position on the $3 million cost of the recent park constructed near Southwood by the City of Tallahassee.

Dailey anticipates that there will be more information available to make informed decisions about costs at the June 15th meeting.

The park amenities, detailed in drawings at the last meeting, have also become an issue. Dailey said that the current design, which includes four baseball fields, fits the definition of a regional park versus an area park. He told the BOD that regional parks in Tallahassee include Tom Brown Park and Messer Park.

His concern is that the current design will facilitate regional tournaments which will provide traffic issues for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Dailey indicated that the design of the park was not based on the needs of an “area park” which is built to service the population within 2-3 miles of the park.

Dailey stated he believed there should be one dedicated baseball field, a dedicated softball field, a dedicated football field, five sand volleyball courts 6-10 pickleball courts, and a basketball court. He supported his proposal based on the popularity of softball, sand volleyball and pickleball.

The BOD stated they are concerned about the amenities as it relates to traffic and impact on surrounding neighborhoods. The BOD noted that regional tournaments could stress Centerville Road and the lights associated with four baseball fields could be a problem. The BOD said that the KHA will be represented at the next meeting.

The last issue discussed at the meeting addressed road connections. At the last meeting, the Blueprint IA voted against a proposal to build a road that would connect from Centerville Road to Welaunee Blvd. with access to the park. This was an important issue for KHA who was against the connection.

However, now there appears to be some concern about access to the park.

Access via Welaunee Blvd. is a problem because the road is not scheduled to be built for years. And access via Centerville Road will put the focus on the scope of the park and the traffic issue which is the so important to the KHA.

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency meeting is scheduled on Thursday, June 15 at City Hall, 2nd Floor Commission Chambers – 300 S. Adams St.

8 Responses to "Mayor Dailey Meets With Killearn Homeowners Association on NE Park"

  1. Thank you TR on covering this NE Park issue. The four baseball fields are ridiculous pure and simple along with the idea of using this local neighborhood park as a regional tournament location on a canopy road. The extravagance and cost of this park is also ridiculous. Build the park to meet the local neighborhoods’ needs and start reinvesting and improving our already existing park systems especially the sorry state of the Meadows Soccer Complex and Tom Brown Soccer fields.

  2. First of all, what County staff came up with the number of ball fields, courts, trails, etc? That’s where the discussion should be focused. Then, focus on where staff came up with costs per ball field, court, etc.

    Second, is it the same staff who withheld a 2011 FDEP report from Lake Munson residents and scientists that lake drawdowns are useless in reducing Total Phosphate, a main cause of harmful algal blooms? But, Commissioner Caban reportedly still hasn’t read the report and blindly accepts staff recommendations and has greatly upset his own constituents.

    Maybe Caban and Welch need to focus on staff who are giving bad info and underming both their efforts?

  3. Staff is so constricted by politicians and special interests driving the crazy train the end result product is sub par.

  4. If you belive ANYTHING that comes out of mayor Rubble’s mouth….well you are dumb. Have a holiday all day to vote (for me Cuzco I gave you a free paid day off) have a 3% raise every year, you can’t have speed bumps but I can….”I am just so proud of the city of tallahassee”
    Crime? What crime?

  5. What a bunch of old fuddy-duddies. The plan they have looks awesome. I hope they build it as is and put an access road off Centerville/Powerhouse. Buckle up, Buttercup. They’re going to do it anyway.

  6. Dailey picking this fight over the Northeast Park was a bad idea, though not as bad as the Children’s Service Council tax increase he sponsored. People can tell a disingenuous career politician a mile away.

  7. ” the current design will facilitate regional tournaments which will provide traffic issues for the surrounding neighborhoods.”

    Which is why it should NOT be built at that location. Build it out Thomasville Road.

  8. I don’t understand something, if the currently envisioned park is ostensibly being built to cater to “travel ball leagues” and the KHA is against it for the most part, who is behind its being designed the way Dailey described, and why? Whose got the juice?

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