April Airport Passenger Traffic Down 9.2%

April Airport Passenger Traffic Down 9.2%

The latest information from the Tallahassee International Airport shows that April 2023 passenger traffic decreased 9.2% when compared to traffic one year ago. The number of passengers was down 6,868 from the 74,871 reported during April 2022 to 68,003 in April 2023.

Relative to 2022, the Passenger Traffic Report shows passenger counts were down 9.1% for American Airlines, down 11.9% for the Delta Group and up 26.3% for Silver Airways.

The graph below shows the annualized number of passengers for the last 37-months. The highlighted numbers on the graph indicate the annual traffic during the month of April over the last four years.

The annual rate of passengers at TIA in April 2023 – 828,161 – did not materially change when compared to the annual rate reported last month (828,182) and was up 6.92% when compared to one year ago. The annualized number of passengers is calculated by summing the previous 12 months of traffic.

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  1. I recently looked up flights to Nashville. If I fly out of Jax, I will save enough month to cover the cost of the hotel, meals and then some. So – what does anyone think I would do?

  2. I refuse to fly out of TLH. I’d rather drive to Atlanta instead. 40+ years of “so sorry, mechanical delays”. “So sorry. Air traffic control delays” and so on.

  3. It’s all about ticket prices. You can fly from Panama City or Jacksonville for 1/2 the price and maybe get a direct flight making up for the two hour drive.

  4. @ Resident Since 1990 Unfortunately, the answer lies in the fact there is nothing to do here. Outside of graduation and football games, there is nothing to draw people to the Tallahassee area. If people are from out of state and want to go to the beach, they fly to Panama City or Pensacola. If people want to go to Disney, they fly to Orlando. If they want to go on a cruise, they fly to Tampa or Miami. Maybe session draws some in, but unless they are from south Florida, it is quicker and easier to just drive.

    The city and county need to find something to drive people to come here. I am certainly not advocating for either of these things but if there was a theme park here or a cruise port at St. Marks people from out of town would come here for that. What does Tallahassee have to offer that people would want to come here for? Figure that out, nurture it, promote it, and people will come. Once that happens, airline travel will increase and the cost of flights will go down. If we could magically make the costs of flights go down, it would help those of us who live here but it would still not make a lot people from out of town want to come here.

  5. I really cannot understand why the Capital City of Florida has such poor air service.

    Florida Trend Magazine analyzes passenger counts of the four NW Florida airports, and TLH always lands in last place.
    For example, passenger count data ending in 2021:

    Pensacola Int’l Airport- 2,324,044 annual passengers.
    Destin-Fr. Walton Beach- 1,998,587 passengers.
    Panama City Int’s Airport- 1,598,492passengers
    Tallahassee Int’l Airport- 656,192 passengers.

    Actual numbers have changed, but Tallahassee is still in last place. Tallahassee has the fewest airlines servicing our community.

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