Interim Chiles Football Coach Placed on Leave

Interim Chiles Football Coach Placed on Leave

Sources close to the Chiles football program have told Tallahassee Reports that Trey Pettis – the Chiles interim head football coach – has told players he has been put on leave and is not allowed to communicate with the team.

LCS had not confirmed the status of Pettis.

Trey Pettis was appointed to the interim position after the Chiles head football coach – Kevin Pettis – was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations of possible athletic violations.

Kevin Pettis is Trey Pettis’ father.

The news about Trey Pettis comes during the same week that TR has been told that an investigation into the Chiles football program by an outside law firm was completed. The investigation was prompted in April after an anonymous letter surfaced containing specific allegation related to the Chiles football program.

Officials with LCS have indicated that the report generated by the investigation will become a public record 10 days after the report is reviewed by LCS officials.

In 2018, assistant coach Trey Pettis was suspended without pay and barred from coaching for the rest of that academic school year after using a racial slur and profanity on Snapchat.

2 Responses to "Interim Chiles Football Coach Placed on Leave"

  1. What moron actually thought replacing the father with the son, who obviously has had his own issues, was a great idea. Who ever did that should also be fired!

  2. They should probably concentrate on literacy, mathematics and ethics. Concentrating on football doesn’t seem to be working for the coaches or the students.

    Only 49% of the students in Leon county can read at their grade level… I haven’t heard of a single English teacher that has been suspended.

    Besides, who thought it was a good idea to let the son take over? That person needs to be canned immediately.

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