TPD Releases Video of Tom Brown Shooting Incident

TPD Releases Video of Tom Brown Shooting Incident

On May 25, an incident occurred at Tom Brown Park that resulted in officers using deadly force. The Tallahassee Police Department has released a redacted version of the body worn camera footage from the incident.

TPD states that viewer discretion is advised.

Critical Incident Briefing | May 25 Incident – YouTube

“Our officers work every day to protect citizens in our community, and there is a lot of training that goes into that,” Police Chief Lawrence Revell said. “While this situation is one we never want to face, our officers receive regular training in areas such as officer ambush and active assailant responses. The actions of officers in this incident are a testament to their level of preparation and heroism when encountering dangerous situations that pose a threat to our community.”

At this time, the investigation remains open and active. At the conclusion of the investigation, the findings will be reviewed by the State Attorney’s Office and presented to a Grand Jury.

7 Responses to "TPD Releases Video of Tom Brown Shooting Incident"

  1. The Tallahassee’s black community should reflect on Asia’s short life and violent death. Go back 23 years and examine the choices she and her family made that lead to her demise.

  2. Remember now… in the minds of the Bizaro World progressive Marxicrats, the criminal isn’t the problem… It’s the victims and LEOs they see as the problem.

  3. It is understandable in any death that the woke TPD would take a while to release the video.
    Woke or Non-woke, yeah, we all understand its going to be a while prior to the release of any such video.
    So theres that.
    But honestly there must be some sort of logical take away the good citizens can conclude, as even though it took a while the video was still released, and without the usual woke finger pointing of blame. Without Esquire Crump hot-footing it to Tallahassee to file charges and get paid.
    But what? What is it? What could it even remotly be?
    Hey now mind you, this is a wild streach of the imagination, but could it possably be the video was released and the entire sad event swept so quickly and cleanly beneith the rug of history because the officer which delivered the fatal shot which neutrilized the sad and deadly situation was not a cacuasian?
    Na that likely had nothing whatsoever to do with anything. I chastize my own self for even thinking such a wild conspiracy theory could possably have even one iota of truth in how this unfortunate situation played itself out in the woke land of Leon/Tallahassee.
    Bad Snidely Bad.
    Move along citizens nothing to see here.

  4. B. Better,

    I doubt you know their tactics or equipment. You probably don’t know the specifics of the unit which primarily made up the group of plain clothes detectives out there.

    You would “B. Safe” to stick to call of duty or playing your airsoft game.

    These men risk their real lives, not your resetting video game. How about you get put on a uniform, get ambushed- being shot at this many times in the dark, all to be captured on the camera you have to wear when you’re at work only to have it viewed by some wannabe critic?

  5. B. Better: Weapons mounted lights show the perp exactly where to shoot. Vehicle mounted lights are on Police vehicles.

  6. no weapon mounted lights?…. common. Poor ofc is trying to hold a handheld light while returning fire. And why does nobody have a patrol carbine out? your encountering a suspect believed to be armed/dangerous. seriously reform your policies, procedures, and equipment.

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