BREAKING NEWS: Chiles High School Football Coach Removed

BREAKING NEWS: Chiles High School Football Coach Removed

After an investigation, the Chiles High School football coach – Kevin Pettis – has been removed.

LCS released the following statement:

Following the conclusion of an independent investigation, coach Kevin Pettis has been removed as the head football coach at Chiles High School and will be reassigned.

As required, the investigation’s findings will be forwarded to the Florida High School Athletic Association for review.

Additionally, the district can confirm that Chiles Assistant Football Coach Trey Pettis was placed on administrative leave on Wednesday, June 8 pending a review of school board policy.

The independent investigation was completed by Sniffen and Spellman, P.A. 

Documents related to this case will be released in accordance with school board policy.  

This is a developing story, checkback for updates.

5 Responses to "BREAKING NEWS: Chiles High School Football Coach Removed"

  1. Hang in there folks. I believe the findings will be put out on public record soon.

    We will know it all then and can make judgements from there if they should be fired or keep their jobs somewhere else.

    It will be interesting to see who gets hired. The current interim coach they have in place is a great pick if he wants it.

  2. 23,000-plus without power, and where are you, Mayor FAILEY and your Toadie Goad?

    It’s like Gillum’s response to a tropical storm. Five hours so far without power, and nobody working on it. Too busy raising property taxes, are we?

  3. Our Ford Pinto was a lemon so we bought a newer Ford Pinto… turns out the new one was a lemon too. So we put a different battery in the old Pinto and gave it to our neighbor.

  4. I wonder which lucky school can look forward to Coach Pettis’ reassignment. All of this stinks to high heaven. First, they tried to put the coach’s son in charge, when that didn’t pass the smell test they removed the son and reassigned the dad. If he did something that disqualifies him to be the coach at Chiles, he shouldn’t be re-assigned, he should be fired.

    Rocky Hannah needs to answer some basic questions. What did the coach do, then, who put his son in charge, and why does he get reassigned instead of terminated?

    Rocky Hannah needs to be voted out of office, our schools are not serving the children of Leon county well, and it leads straight back to the Superintendent.

  5. IF coach Kevin Pettis did something bad enough to be removed as Head Coach, why is he being Reassigned instead of being let go? It seems to be political……………

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