The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, June 16

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, June 16


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Tallahassee Commissioners are moving forward with plans for a property tax hike. While commissioners in support of the increase say more money is needed to improve public safety, others argue more effort needs to be made to find savings before raising taxes.

The most recent information from the Florida Department of revenue shows that consumer spending in Leon County-as measured by taxable sales- was up in March by 3.5% when compared to spending one year ago. Get the details.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting where a nine-year-old was shot in the abdomen at the Lake Bradford Estates Mobile Home Park. LCSO said someone outside the home fired the shots around 11 p.m. on Tuesday. The child had surgery earlier this week and is expected to recover.

A former Leon County corrections officer was arrested earlier this week with charges related to inappropriate relations with inmates. The female corrections officer found that she engaged in numerous accounts of misconduct and that contraband was found in an inmate’s cell. She was charged with Sexual Misconduct with an Inmate and Felony Introduction of Contraband.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the “Framework for Freedom” budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. DeSantis line-item vetoed nearly half a billion in spending with the total coming out to $117 billion, which is approximately $2 billion more than DeSantis originally propose. “We’ve done more in the last six to eight months since the election than any – I think – state has done in our lifetime to move the ball forward and be bold and take on these issues, and that’s one of the reasons why people, you know, keep flooding down here,” DeSantis said.

Florida State Sen. Joe Gruters is claiming retribution on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ part due to certain Sarasota County projects getting vetoed due to Gruters supporting former President Donald Trump. “The Governor is clearly upset I endorsed Donald Trump for President, and so he took it out on the people of Sarasota County,” said Gruters. “Trump and I understand that people come first, and it’s our job to deliver clean water, jobs and a better America for the next generation. The Governor clearly sees politics differently.”


Florida State women’s basketball will be participating in the 10th Annual Basketball Hall of Fame Women’s Showcase this December and will be facing the UCLA Bruins. Utah, North Carolina, and the host School UConn will also be teams featured at the showcase. “We will be playing at the Hall of Fame Women’s Showcase for the fourth time in the last nine seasons,” said head coach Brooke Wyckoff. “Each time the experience of playing at the Mohegan Sun is tremendous. We’re looking forward once again to this opportunity.”


7 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, June 16"

  1. ZERO diversity amongst our city commissars. None of them have even one cell of fiscal conservatism.
    They NEVER will have enough of your money, and will always Hoover up as much of it as they can.
    Vote out all incumbents.

  2. The 3.5% increase is sales are not good numbers for Leon County when compared to the annual rate of inflation, total year over year, and month to month. The State of Florida, however, is well over the inflation rate.

    It would be interesting to see a breakdown by sales categories to see if ANY were above inflation and, overall, reasons why Leon County is so low.

  3. The inmates running the asylum… DWC, DAILEY, and Curtis, yet commenters ignore this and persecute the ones voting against it. Kickback Enterprise AKA City Hall in full swing.

    Prayers for the 9-year-old to make a full recovery.

    Breaking News…
    The Europeans and Americans outside of Florida very pro DeSantis…

  4. @ Frank… you are 100% dead-nuts-on. The two progressive Marxists are only voting against the increase because they know the votes are there to pass it. They hope to lure unsuspecting independents and conservative-leaning voters to their side, while tossing a surreptitious bone to their LEO-hating base. That said;

    With increased development and property values, there is no need to raise property taxes. It’s a simple matter of reallocation. Stop wasting tax dollars on feckless vote-buying programs and reallocate the funds to needed services. Think about it… how many taxpayer funded government and non-profit (insert wink here) entities are feeding children? I don’t see a lot on skinny children walking around, but the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex has a lot of lifelong diabetic customers coming there way.

  5. A property tax hike is a tax rate hike. With inflation at record highs and property values generally outpacing inflation, the public has already experienced a tax hike. Stacking a rate hike on top of it is just biting the hand that feed you.

  6. Don’t believe for one second that Matlow and Porter are against tax increases. Wait and see when they latch onto something they want.

  7. There are plenty of areas that the City & County Commissioners can save Money. They just choose to take the easy way and raise Taxes. It is time for new Blood.

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