City Commissioners Address Ben Pingree & Charter Review

City Commissioners Address Ben Pingree & Charter Review

During the Sharing of Ideas section of the June 14th City Commission meeting, elected officials discussed three items. Provided below is a summary of the discussion.

Blueprint Direct Ben Pingree

City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow addressed the Blueprint Director Ben Pingree leaving his position to take a job under Leon County Administrator Vince Long.

Matlow asked the City Manager if there were conversations with the Intergovernmental Management Committee (IMC) about how Blueprint would proceed with filling the vacancy. The City Manager explained the IMC would consist of Vince Long the County Administrator and himself, stating “We’ll work together to replace that position.”

Furthermore, Matlow stated, “As you know I’ve been very critical of the selection process of the last round, so I’m just making sure we stay up to date on how that plays out.”

Mayor Daily agreed with Matlow stating, “Commissioner Matlow you’re right on point, we need to have a conversation about the governing structure IA as a board, the twelve of us, before we actually move forward.” Daily then suggested Matlow make a motion to direct the City Manager from taking any action without direction of the board until the next City Commission meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Charter Review Commission

Mayor Pro-Tem Dianne Williams Cox made a motion for staff to bring an agenda item explaining what the process of establishing a City Charter Review Commission would be.

On the issue, Mayor John Daily stated, “Most governments do it every ten years, the county does it every ten years. I think it’s been fourteen or fifteen years since the City of Tallahassee has done it, so I have always been in full support.” Ms. Williams Cox explained that she hopes that with the Charter Review, a scheduled charter review would be put in place.

Commissioner Curtis Richardson noted some of the outdated language in the current Charter, stating, “I’ve heard several statements made that there’s language in our charter dating back to the original charter of 1825 so certainly that in and of itself would suggest we need to have a group take a look at that.”

Commissioner Matlow hesitated on moving forward with the motion stating, “I would be interested in hearing ideas from the public, I’m not sure we need to move forward setting up a commission at this time.” Matlow then suggested setting up a workshop for any specific ideas the Commission has.

Mr. Daily stated he is “all in favor” having gone through a charter review with the County as an elected official, stating the City Commission’s Charter Review would be “different” and more civil. He went on to explain that it is a detailed process that cannot be scrubbed down in a workshop. The Commission passed the motion 4-1 with Commissioner Jeremy Matlow in opposition.

Bond Community Art

Additionally, Commissioner Curtis Richardson encouraged citizens to visit the asphalt art located in the Bond Community stating, “It has been a wonderful addition to that community … If you haven’t had an opportunity, it’s right along Saxton Street. You can access it from Orange Avenue near Nims Middle School. Its three intersections and nine crosswalks impacted.”

13 Responses to "City Commissioners Address Ben Pingree & Charter Review"

  1. If this charter review commission creates a stronger Mayor, that mayor will be Jeremy Matlow. Could be good could be not, but that is who would win. Progressive Democrats would also win at least 4 if not 5 city districts out of 7.

    Personally I think Northeast has better representation now than it would districted, but it’s all up to John Dailey now who has long been salivating to tinker with Charter.

  2. You guys do good work- and look like amateurs when you can’t even spell Dailey’s name correctly.


  3. @ Frank= I believe Matlow was against raising the Property Tax to get the $8 MILLION for the CSC. Our Property Tax was raised to give the CSC that Money so they can waste it.

  4. Whistleblower Rick: Matlow was not against the CSC. He said that the $$$ was already available without a tax having to be levied.

  5. Preston, Matlow was also against the Children Services Tax. I read into it he is a business owner that doesn’t support tax increases.

  6. “Daily then suggested Matlow make a motion to direct the City Manager from taking any action without direction of the board until the next City Commission meeting. The motion passed unanimously.”

    In other words, “Gentleman we have to save our phony baloney jobs… harumph harumph.”
    William J Le Petomane

  7. Preston’s post is 100% dead-nuts-on. Since when has any progressive Marxicrat voted against confiscating more tax dollars? There are two reasons these two are voting against it:

    1. There’s already the votes to pass it, so, it allows them to pretend to be tax dollar conscience and lure in unsuspecting independents and fiscally-conservative-leaning voters.

    2. It surreptitiously tosses a bone to their fellow LEO-hating minions.

    So they’ll both vote no… with a wink.

  8. Commissioner Matlow is generally wrong about issues. While the tax hike is indefensible, Matlow’s reasons (and his BFF on the Commission Porter’s) is to deny needed funding to TPD. It would be a mistake to read anything else into it.

  9. Clarification is needed on whether this is simply a Charter Review Commission or a “Citizens” Charter Review Commission. There’s an important distinction between the two.

  10. I’ve known Williams-Cox since she was “Williams” and hadn’t entered politics. I don’t much like her politics, but as a person I always did like her.

    While a review of the charter once a decade or so seems reasonable, she needs to call out Richardson on his criticism that the charter contains language dating back to 1825. The U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Magna Carta, et al, all have cherished language that dates back centuries. If Richardson wants to cite specifics, fine, otherwise he needs to be slapped down.

  11. Matlow is clearly the leader and almost always right about the issues. This tax hike and Blueprint issues are indefensible.

  12. “Mayor Daily agreed with Matlow stating, “Commissioner Matlow you’re right on point” …….DAAAAMN, Dailey ACTUALLY agreed with Matlow on something?

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