The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, June 20

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, June 20


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Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna has reached an agreement with the Florida Department of Education (DOE). The agreement is the result of an investigation that determined there was probable cause to justify sanctions against Hanna.

This past weekend, a rally was held in Tallahassee with the goal of calling upon local officials to make Leon County a sanctuary city for the LGBT community. Community organizers from the Trevor Project said their goal was not make sure members of their community felt at home. “It shows people, especially queer, gay, and trans people that they’re not alone that it is okay to feel defeated and hopeless but to remember there are necessary steps that we can do to ensure we have a better future,” said one of the organizers.


Tropical Storm Bret has formed in the Atlantic Ocean yesterday. It is scheduled to threaten portions of the Caribbean by late this week but it is still too early to tell if it will turn and affect Florida.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, on the campaign trail, said that he would declare a national emergency over the southern border. “We’ll declare a national emergency on Day 1, we’ll shut the border down,” DeSantis said. “We will actually build a border wall, hold Mexico accountable, and we will hold the drug cartels accountable for the carnage that they’re causing with the fentanyl coming into this country.”

Florida State Rep. Spencer Roach says the State of Florida needs a complete re-write of the Florida Constitution. He contends that the current Florida Constitution, adopted in 1968 and amended 144 times, is a document that is far too easily amendable. “Besides, any new constitution will have to be ratified by the voters, and if they disapprove it, we are back to the status quo — so we have nothing to lose by trying to improve the document,” Roach said. “Things like term limits and setting boundaries on executive powers should be in the constitution, and I also think we need to revisit the structure of the Florida Legislature.”

Mike Williams, the president of the Florida AFL-CIOdied in a water accident at his home in St. Marks over the weekend. He was 72. The Florida AFL-CIO announced Williams’ passing on Twitter. Nikki Fried, Chair of the Florida Democratic Party and former Florida Agriculture Commissioner, said “Mike will remain a giant in the labor movement, leaving a long legacy of service and commitment to America’s workers.”


Florida State baseball landed five transfers. Alex Lodise from UNF, Drew Faurot from UCF, Ethan Chenault from UNC-Wilmington, Cam Leiter from UCF, and Yoel Tejeda, Jr. from Florida. “We are very excited to have these talented athletes join our program,” said Head Coach Link Jarrett. “Their physical skills combined with their dedication and focus stood out to every member of our staff throughout the recruitment process.”


5 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, June 20"

  1. I could be mistaken on this one, but if I recall correctly sanctuary cities are not allowed in the state of Florida. Thank-you Gov DeSantis and our State Congress.

    If so, nothing to get excited about here…..move along.

  2. Rocky left the parents out of his commitment statement. That is a glaring omission that is at the root of his problem. He is gonna keep on keepin’ on just like he told the teachers, and DOE will be forced to revisit his deprivations on the 51% that cannot read at their grade level.

    Rocky Hannah is at war with parents that want a say in their child’s education. We’ll be right back here within a year.

    “My commitment, has and always will be, to our community, our schools, and most importantly to our teachers and students.” R.H.

  3. The sanctuary City/County/Region concept as currently implimented on the left coast would make Tallahassee a “Destination City” for elementary students and others whose parents want them to wait until their childern reach the age of emancipation prior to receiving gender mutalation surgery(s)/medication(s).
    The parents have no rights to their childern out in those left coast cities.
    Oh and BTW (you likely already guessed where Snidely is taking you).
    Who pays for it all?……$$$$Cha-Ching$$$$
    Property Tax Increase!!!!

  4. Activist groups simply do not get to set the agenda that the other 93% of Tallahassee residents must follow.

    We are empowered to elect new candidates to overhaul our local liberal politicians.

  5. WHY do we need a to be a sanctuary city for the LGBTQ community, or ANY community for that matter? Calling Tallahassee a sanctuary city for the LGBTQ community will not make you any safer and just be a waste of money.

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