Leon County Commission to Spend $9 Million in New Revenue on Law Enforcement

Leon County Commission to Spend $9 Million in New Revenue on Law Enforcement

The Leon County Commission recently held a budget workshop to address the 2023-24 fiscal year. At the meeting elected officials voted unanimously to keep the property tax millage rate at 8.3144 which will increase collections by $12.66 million. 

Provided below is a table detailing the changes in general revenues and expenditures which are supported by property taxes and state shared taxes. 

Other revenues the County receives, such as building permit fees, tourism bed taxes, solid waste fees and court programs are required to be spent on specific programs. 

The table depicts the changes in general revenue changes and expenses, which amount to $16.04 million.

The largest share of the $16 million new revenue – $12 million – comes from the increased values in residential property.

According to the report, 56% of the new revenue or $9.1 will be allocated to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Next on the expense list is the Supervisor of Elections, which will receive approximate $2.6 million or 16.3% of the new revenue.

6 Responses to "Leon County Commission to Spend $9 Million in New Revenue on Law Enforcement"

  1. A Skeptic = I am HOPING they take over the STATE Elections Office. I was GOING to run for State House of Representatives (District 9) and have called them with several important questions and all I got was “I Don’t Know, Call back around October”. They couldn’t tell me the Basics like the Qualifying Fee, the Number of Signatures Needed, NOTHING. At least the Leon County Elections Office stays on top of it.

  2. …later, people will start crying the mean landlord raised my rent.
    Sooner or later, you will ask yourself why you even live in liberal run, high crime and homeless capital Leon County.
    Crime is spreading across the county now almost to Hwy 27 at Lake Jackson.
    And to those that live off government handoffs, you get just enough money so you do not want to get an education and a good paying job. That way you keep voting for the exact people that keep you in poverty and rotating in and out of the prison system.

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