The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, June 26

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, June 26


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Tallahassee’s North Monroe Street corridor has seen a rise in crime, traffic accidents and panhandling. Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil hosted a community breakfast on Saturday to get neighborhood feedback and inform area residents what law enforcement is doing to solve the problems.

A day after a double shooting sent customers scrambling at a McDonald’s on West Pensacola Street and killed two men, the Tallahassee Police Department said a 16-year-old boy is now facing a gun charge. In a release posted to social media, TPD said an argument broke out on the basketball courts adjacent to the Palmer Munroe Teen Center.

Steve Stewart, TR’s editor, discusses the property tax increase proposed by the city of Tallahassee and explains why he thinks it is a bad idea.

On June 20th during the LCS Agenda Review Meeting, the Board received a presentation by Government Consultant Jessica Janasiewicz related to the major changes that occurred during the 2023 legislative session.


Tongues are wagging among Tallahassee policy wonks and political operatives following Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s June 15th line-item veto of a pair of relatively small federal block grants, totalling a mere $29 million. Get the details.

Florida’s Governor is returning to New Hampshire, facing the most serious deficit in polls since he began to float the idea of a 2024 presidential campaign.


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  1. The idiots that designed the North Monroe “expansion” between Sharer Road and the Walmart should be taken out and shot, drawn and quartered, and shot again.

    The North bound traffic is forced into unnecessary lane shifts starting about Lakeshore Drive. The right lane ends in a right turn only lane onto Lakeshore. The middle lane end in a merge left about 1/3 mile further up, just past the I-10 exit onto North Monroe. Meanwhile the left lane splits into two lanes and only 1 of the 3 lanes South of Lakeshore extends to Walmart without a forced lane change.

    Where the left lane splits, don’t. Let the left and middle lanes continue North unbothered. The right lane becomes the right turn lane. A short entrance lane to Lakeshore and be engineered if so desired.

    Traffic moves more freely without the zoo that we have now.

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