New Legislation Will Minimize Frivolous Lawsuits

Letter to the Editor

As a caterer, inflation, higher taxes, and higher insurance rates mean two things: I have to charge more, but I still make less money. And my customers are footing the bill.

Because of this, I was really proud of Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature for taking steps to reform our runaway lawsuits that definitely cross the line as frivolous. The number of attorney ads and encouragements to sue, sue, sue have had their effect over the years.

According to the American Tort Reform Association, Florida just exited the judicial hellholes list, and the tort reform action should keep us off. From my understanding, the main reform that should keep us in good stead over the next few years is the adjustment that prevents people who have at least a 51% proportion of contributing to their own injury or crisis from lodging a claim seeking deep pockets. That means lawsuits will be minimized, and
insurance rates should go down. Win-win for everyone.

Lisa Frazier, Small Business Owner

One Response to "New Legislation Will Minimize Frivolous Lawsuits"

  1. This is literally a right-wing talking points sheet. Use the words ‘frivolous lawsuit’ as often as possible! Don’t give any examples! Don’t point out that frivolous lawsuits are actually rare! Don’t point out that making lawyers harder to find allows businesses to screw customers and employers even more without worrying about blowback! Just keep repeating “frivolous lawsuit” over and over! The public is stupid and won’t catch on that you’re really talking about THEM! That this screws individuals and families! Yaaay you! Win-win! Let 18-wheelers crush a car full of kids! SCREW THEM!!!! KILL THEM AS LONG AS MONEY CAN BE MADE! Businesses need to send their crappy products to stores to rip people off! PROTECT ALL CORPORATIONS BY STOMPING OUT THE RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS!!! MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR INDIVIDUALS TO SEEK JUSTICE FOR ANYTHING!!!! SMASH THEM!!! Right, Lisa?

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