The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, June 28

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, June 28


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The Leon County School Board made a $30,000 investment in school safety at Tuesday night’s meeting. The board voted to approve a new contract with an AI gun detection software company called Zero Eyes. The technology can be placed in existing security cameras to detect guns. When a gun is detected, the software takes a picture of the gun and immediately alerts school administrators and law enforcement.

The Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality (OEV) announced the launch of a series of Amazon Pre-Hiring ‘Information Sessions’ aimed at providing valuable insights and resources to job seekers in our community. 


More school vouchers. Expanded restrictions on teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity. Limits on using TikTok. Carrying guns without concealed-weapons licenses. A larger Florida State Guard. More than 200 laws passed during the 2023 legislative session, including a record $116.5 billion budget, will take effect Saturday.

With a looming implementation date of Saturday, July 1st, Leon County circuit judge J. Lee Marsh denied a plea on Tuesday to prevent a portion of the law that bars government workers from having union fees automatically deducted from their wages.


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  1. When firefighters arent fighting fires they have other work they must do. Such as: maintain equipment, station and grounds; test hydrants; put down blue reflectors in the street so they can find hydrants in the dark; perform prefire planning on businesses; train; perform blood pressure checks upon request by people walking in; and more. They are exposed to toxic chemicals at every fire, despite all their protective gear, and they have higher than normal cancer rates. Also have high rates of heart attacks and divorce.

    BTW, cops can also work other jobs, and some can take their cruisers home with them.

    Both are respected and dangerous professions, so it’s not really about competition between them on their merits. It is totally about city mismanagement of funds.

  2. TFD staff is essentially paid to be on-call from a fire station on 2 24-hour shifts per week. The “extra” 8 hours is given back later the way their rotations work. On a typical day, they sleep 8 hours/day while on the clock, cook, eat, shower, shave, etc. all while on the clock. When they work they do work hard, but much of the job contains benefits not found in other jobs. That leaves them with typically FIVE days off every week. Most firefighters have second jobs, businesses, or careers that fill their days off and provide significant financial boosts that most jobs wouldn’t allow.

    I have a lot of friends in the TFD and don’t mean to disparage any of them, but law enforcement deserves a higher salary than do firefighters.

  3. Why would anyone listen Matlow – guy dodges his tax bills and has to get sued to pay them, proposes new utilities that we’d have to fund through exorbitant rates, votes down anything to do with enforcement of the law, then tries to get us to think he shares any part of what we believe. What a joke. He’d be voting to raise taxes if the votes weren’t there, but not to fund anything we want. How dumb does he think we are? I guess when you have a mindless second vote on your shoulder like a parrot you start to believe everyone else sees the emporers new clothes.

  4. We could afford to pay our law enforcement and FD employees more by fiscal responsibility and a priority, not Stadium Seats and special interests to bundled contribution contributors.

    The inmates are running the asylum and it is either buy-buy Curtis – at taxpayers expense – or voters say “bye-bye” Curtis.

  5. @Resident since 1990

    Yes. No question who provides more public safety, yet this Scott Maddox-appointed City Mgr Reese Goad continues to play favorites on our property taxpayer dime.

  6. I have always been told that TPD wages are greater than TFD.
    Is that true?
    If so, should not the wages be about the same?
    Personally, I am not willing to take a bullet to do my job, Nor am I willing to risk my life to run into a burning inferno to save a life.
    I just think that both jobs are equally dangerous an should be paid accordingly.
    I have so much respect for both departments!

  7. Another day, another opportunity to remember that John Dailey, Curtis Richardson and Dianne Williams-Cox have voted to raise your taxes three times so the PBA can get more union dues. RIP Curtis.

    And next they want to change the City charter.

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