LCS Supports Keeping Elementary School Library Book that Refers to Sexuality

LCS Supports Keeping Elementary School Library Book that Refers to Sexuality

A Leon County mother claims a book in the Hawks Rise Elementary School library – that refers to the sexuality of Billie Jean King – is inappropriate.

Katie Lyon filed a complaint under a new review process recently adopted by the Leon School Board after her 2nd grade daughter brought home a book from her school library titled, “I am Billie Jean King” which discusses tennis player Billie Jean’s life, including her transition to a homosexual lifestyle.

Katie Lyon’s daughter asked her mother questions about the book she brought home in regards to Kings sexuality. Lyon stated in her complaint, “I object to material that discusses being gay and what it means to be gay. This book explains that Billie Jean was married to a man but decided she was gay. It discussed that being gay means if you’re a girl you love another girl, and that you can’t choose who you fall in love with.” She also wrote she believes the material is, “not suitable for elementary students”.

Lyon cited the Parental Rights in Education Act, which critics have labeled as the “Don’t Say Gay” law, during the June 27th hearing. The law prohibits instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in elementary schools. Lyon said the book infringes on rights as parents and noted that the materials in the book is counter to state law and is inappropriate for this age group.

However, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services for Leon County Shane Syfrett defended the book. During the hearing, Syfrett stated, “The exclusion of one of these profiles just because of the identification of the main subject as a homosexual is not the intention of any state law or statute passed by the Florida Legislature.” He went on to explain that if the book was removed it would limit students and families from material that may only be objectionable to certain families.

Retired principal D.J Wright was selected as the Hearing Officer, and will bring a recommended order to the Leon County School Board within 14 days. Once the School Board has considered the recommended order, the School Board may enter a final order at a publicly noticed Board meeting. If the Board finds the material does to not meet Florida Law, then the material will be removed. The Board’s decision is final.

14 Responses to "LCS Supports Keeping Elementary School Library Book that Refers to Sexuality"

  1. Why does TR keep perpetuating the myth of ““Don’t Say Gay” law? Why don’t you call it what is it and stop pandering?

  2. Where is the call en masse for the city manager to step down for putting pride pins on police officers?

  3. I think I have been hoodwinked by systemic bigotry… I have gone my whole life without knowing the gender or sexual proclivities of the Little Engine That Could. “I think I can, I think I can”. What? What was he she or it thinking?

    Anyone that subjects their child to the stupidity of the Leon County School Board is committing child abuse.

  4. Rocky you may be mentally ill to allow this to happen on your watch. After your spanking by the FLDOE you should not allow your wokesters to do this library book “thing”. ***Seek help while you still have employer sponsered health insurance.***
    Rocky the above sentance is the absloute best advice anyone ever has or ever will give you. Seek help before you find yourself unemployed and without health insurance. Attention Hanna family please get him into intervention if you can. All Rocky’s friends this is your “sign” to step up and help this man.
    This is one of those “see something do something” life moments. Help the man.

  5. The reason this makes so much common sense is that if kids don’t read books about the gays, they will never become gay themselves! Just like the other clearly not bigoted people who support this law, I remember so clearly the first time I decided to not be gay, it was when I read a book about not gay people, and it struck me, ‘I realize now that I am a heterosexual. I am not one of the gays.’ Clearly the gays are just trying to do the reverse of what happened to all of us.

  6. Oh for goodness sakes remove the book and replace it with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and move on.

  7. Remove the book – it is clearly in violation of state statute. Quit attempts of grooming elementary children

  8. Right on, Little Flower. That is exactly what this issue is about. Putting a book in an elementary school library that normalizes sexually deviant behavior will erode the positive societal values proffered by other books in the library, such as the Bible or Koran (assuming there are Bibles and Korans in Leon County school libraries) and should not be acceptable.

  9. Why can’t the “groomers” leave young children alone? Math scores and reading/comprehension scores are in decline, and the groomers push their immoral sex life on young children.

  10. The objection, I believe, is to the normalization and acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle being passed-on to this woman’s child and other people’s children. It is, of course, part of the overall and constant assault on our traditional values as a society.

    If you are afraid that someone will roll their eyes or call you a prude, etc., then they win and you and your children lose.

    Good for this mother.

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