The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, July 6

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, July 6


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Two people were shot at a gas station in Tallahassee on Wednesday night, according to a watch commander with the Tallahassee Police Department….More than a dozen police vehicles were on the scene at about 10 p.m., according to WCTV. 

City Walk Urban Mission has closed its doors at its Mahan location. Operating as a homeless shelter, the organization announced in June they found a new building to use as their next shelter.


Attorneys representing the state of Florida filed a memorandum of law on Monday in opposition to a lawsuit against Senate Bill 264, which prohibits individuals hailing from certain countries from acquiring residential properties near critical infrastructure and military installations.

Moms for Liberty, a “parental rights” group that has sought to take over school boards in multiple states, is looking to expand those efforts across the country and to other education posts in 2024 and beyond. The effort is setting up a clash with teachers unions and others on the left who view the group as a toxic presence in public schools.


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  1. @ tayo = No one is down playing our Law Enforcement. I would not want to be a Cop today. If the Officer was there getting Gas when the Shots were fired, yes, he would call for back up and rush inside BUT, the Shooting had already happened before 911 was called so, having over a Dozen Officers show up was not needed. My point is, WHY so many Officers at one Crime Scene? 6 Officers there, OK but 12 or more? Why? Same with High Speed Chases, 2 or three Officers in pursuit, OK but why would you need more than that if they are all in a line chasing the suspect? Using all that Man Power and Resource for one Crime is wasteful.

  2. @Spider — I remember well when the “news” decided that identifying a perpetrator or suspect as “black” was racist so they identified the race only when the suspect was not black, leaving it up to the reader to infer that “no mention of race was present so it must have been a black guy”. That kind of reporting is extreme racism by most any measurement.

    The vast majority of violent crime is committed by men so identifying a suspect as “male” could be considered redundant. But to failure to identify a suspect by race is just silly. The single biggest identifying factor after male/female is black/white/other. The public is better informed, protected, and supported when reporting is honest.

  3. Race of the couple was unreported. SO…they were probably black.
    I hate hate hate how the local mews never follows up on crime stories.
    I go to that place all the time. Or did. I won’t now. Especially after sundown.

  4. Our law enforcement officers are working tirelessly to keep us safe. When you heard gunshot your reaction is to run away but they face the gun in order to mitigate damage to life and property. We must commend them for good job. It is because they are out there, that we are able to go to bed with our eyes closed! To the law enforcement officers. Thank you.

  5. @David — Asking “what do TPD officers do all day?” is a legitimate question and needs an answer. They’re certainly not on routine traffic patrol, a situation that seems to be happening in a lot of places these days. Red light running, aggressive driving, being all-around stupid, watching the screen on your phone while driving, etc. is normal now. FHP seems to have a single minded focus of sitting in their air conditioned cars until their radar indicates someone driving to fast. Revenue enhancement at its finest!

    There was an incident at the Circle K on North Monroe at 7th a couple of weeks ago. Law enforcement presence was so strong the the rightmost of the North bound lanes were blocked by officer vehicles. I never did hear what had happened there, but the show of force made me wonder if it was a simple robbery or if someone had been shot/hurt.

  6. To repeat what I said before…… “I am beginning to believe that, TPD does NOT need more Cops, they need better Training and better organizing for Crime Scenes. OVER a Dozen Police Cars were dispatched to the Gas Station, WHY? At least HALF of those Officers didn’t need to to be there. You have to ask yourself, with all those Cops in one place, Who’s minding the Store?”

  7. Cmr Williams-Cox said taxes don’t really effect housing costs on the properties where she’s a landlord, just the insurance costs which aren’t her department. So the tax hike isn’t a big deal, she explained as she voted to raise taxes for the third time. Couldn’t believe it until I watched. Shame on her, Curtis and Dailey. Last time they wanted to raise taxes they said it was for more cops too.

  8. Another Tallahassee shooting and no one is shocked or surprised.

    Why would you allow China to buy land in the USA more/less allow a Spy Balloon fly completely across the Country?

    The Teacher’s Union and progressive school boards are out of control. And their support of Gender Pretenders is immoral. IMO their main goal is making the abnormal normal regardless of parental desires. Gender Pretenders make up less than 1% of 1% of the population. It is an untreated mental condition. Note two of the rescent shooting were done by a gender pretender. And the drive by liberal media down plays it.

  9. The DAILEY shootouts continue and the inmates continue to run the asylum. This is what happens when bundled contributions buy elected officials such as Curtis Richardson. Voters must say bye-bye, Curtis.

    Curtis has to raise taxes to offset the amount they dole out to their special interests.

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