Dr. Guyer Discusses Heel Pain

Dr. Guyer Discusses Heel Pain

Dr. Aaron J. Guyer, an orthopedic surgeon at TOC specializing in foot and ankle surgery, appeared on the Greg Tish Show on Real Talk 93.3 on July 10, 2023 to talk about heel pain.

Dr. Guyer noted that as a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon, heel pain is the number one complaint people have when coming into TOC. He explained that people who deal with heel pain most commonly have plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. However, Dr. Guyer points out that a lot of heel pain can simply come from being on your feet all day.

“You know we live in Florida. A lot of people live in flip flops and sandals. That’s fine if you’re not walking all day, but if you’re on your feet all day and doing things. You know, that can catch up with you,” said Guyer.

When asked about what a worst-case scenario would look like for someone who has let their heel pain go, Dr. Guyer said that most people who come into TOC for heel pain, have neglected their pain for quite some time. Dr. Guyer explains that heel pain is often treated with specific stretches, exercises and shoe wear modifications.

However, a worst-case scenario would be surgery, which Dr. Guyer noted is not common. Additionally, Dr. Guyer noted many patients notice improvements in their back and knee pain after receiving treatment for their heel pain.

Dr. Guyer explained that it is important to stop ignoring your heel pain if it keeps getting worse, won’t go away or affects your every-day life. He noted that once you can no longer go on your daily walk or you’re skipping out on Disney World, it’s time to get it checked out.

When asked about Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts, Dr. Guyer explained that it’s a good start to try shoe inserts to help ease the pain, since they can be simple, inexpensive and easily available. Guyer added that if the inserts barely work or they no longer ease the pain, there are many other options for orthotics.

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