TPD Data: Violent Crime Incidents Increase by 11.6% in 2023

TPD Data: Violent Crime Incidents Increase by 11.6% in 2023

As the City of Tallahassee debates the need for more revenues to fund law enforcement, the most recent statistics show that reported violent crime incidents in 2023 have increased 11.6% when compared to the same time in 2022.

The crime incident data – as reported by the Tallahassee Police Department and complied by Tallahassee Reports – shows increases in various violent crime categories and declines in some property crime statistics.

The City of Tallahassee has noted in various budget workshops their concern about the persistence of violent crime trends. During the April city budget workshop, city staff informed elected officials that the “Strategic Plan’s target to reduce violent crime by 10% continues to lag as Tallahassee’s trends in violent crime mirror trends experienced across the United States.”

The Numbers

The recent officer related shooting in Tom Brown Park and the double homicide on the west side of town support the narrative that violent crime continues to be a problem in Tallahassee. However, beyond these headline grabbing incidents, what do comparative data indicate about crime trends. The TPD provides daily reports documenting crime incidents. This raw data is unofficial, but does provide basic trends related to Tallahassee crime.

Violent Crime

TR has compiled data from the TPD daily reports. The comparisons between the first five months of 2022 & 2023 are provided in the table below. The statistics show that during the first five months of 2023 there were 538 violent crime incidents reported compared to 482 in 2022. An 11.6% increase.

Violent crimes include assault, battery, robbery, and homicides. The Assault& Battery category – which includes physical altercations, threats, & battery on law enforcement officials – increased 9.1% The Robbery category – which includes armed robbery, strongarm robbery, & carjacking – increased 21.4%.

The largest increases in specific violent crime categories included Robbery -Armed (15.0%), Battery (16.0%), Robbery-Snatching (47.6%) and Carjacking (71.4%).

The number of homicide incidents increased from 8 in 2022 to 11 in 2023 during this period.

Property Crime

The data shows that overall property crime incidents during the first five months of 2023 decreased 1.8% when compared to 2023. This decrease was largely due to a 27.4% drop in commercial burglary incidents and a 2.3% drop in residential burglaries. Auto thefts and auto burglaries increased 6.3%. During 2022 there were 649 auto related incidents. In 2023, the number of auto related incidents increased 6.3% to 690.

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  1. You need to add sexual assaults to your list. This number will actually blow you mind when you start tracking it. I did for one summer, and it was scary. It was like 60 in 2 months.

  2. Deep Six

    Jack Campbell’s dad was a corrupt idiot and Jack Campbell is just as bad. It takes not only the pilot to keep the plane flying but everyone else down the line. Start at the city manager and mayor first.

  3. We elected Jack Campbell and crime got out of control, not under control. We need a real law and order prosecutor, not an entitled child who ran on his father’s accomplishments. Jack is reversing all of his dads’ hard work in Leon County.

  4. Liberal government combined with weak on crime police officials will have Tallahassee sufferring all the same problems Seattle and Portland, Oregon are enduring. After all the millions they have spent, violent crime rates are increasing. Yet, they just want to throw more money at the problem. Either they have no intension of dealing realistically with crime or they simply don’t know how. Democrats have exploited the black community for personal and political gain. And Identity Politics isn’t helping, either. Good luck, Tallahassee. You’re going to need it.

  5. Raising taxes not the answer. Spending $ and crime rates do not correlate, already costing too much as is. Consolidating TPD under sheriff dept might get them acting more effectively

  6. MORE Jail Time is needed. Jack Campbell has to go, we need someone who will STOP Reducing Charges just to close a Case.

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