TPD: Murder Victim on South Adams Did Not Know Suspect

TPD: Murder Victim on South Adams Did Not Know Suspect

The Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) investigation of a homicide that occurred on South Adams Street on July 8th has revealed the suspect and the victim were not known to each other.

Based on 2021 data, it is rare for a murder to happen between strangers. In 2021, statistics indicate that in approximately 80% of the homicides, people were killed by people they knew rather than by strangers.

TPD also reported that the suspect was in possession of a stolen firearm.

Provided below is the TPD description of the incident.


On July 8, just after midnight, officers with the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) responded to University Courtyard Apartments, located at 3025 South Adams Street, in reference to a shooting. When officers arrived on scene, they located one victim, an adult male, deceased from a gunshot wound.Through an intensive and meticulous investigation, detectives quickly pieced together the events leading up to the homicide. It was determined the suspect, 22- year-old Solomon Sadiq, knocked on the victim’s door saying he needed to charge his phone. A 10-year old answered the door, and Sadiq walked in. The juvenile called her parents, who had left home to go to the store, and told them a man was in the house. In a panic, the juvenile sought refuge in a bedroom with other children present during the incident. The victim returned home where he encountered Sadiq in the hallway. Sadiq fired his weapon, striking and killing the victim and then fled the scene. Investigative efforts revealed the suspect and the victim were not known to each other.

The tireless efforts of our skilled detectives played a pivotal role in this case, as they meticulously examined both physical and electronic evidence, ultimately identifying Sadiq as the primary suspect. Furthermore, upon his arrest, Sadiq was found to be in possession of a stolen firearm, and he even attempted to seize an officer’s weapon during his apprehension.

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  1. Sadiq is a four time convicted felon known to the police in Leon, Gadsden and Leon Counties… facts easily confirmed with a public records search. He has violated parole twice and was previously arrested for unlawful trespass.

    I believe he went there to rob that place. Why? Who knows. But I bet he saw the parents leave that building.. and maybe knew them kids was alone.

    The tragic lesson here is: Never open your door to anyone you don’t know,

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