LCS Agenda Review Addresses Athletic Trainer Position, Non-Profit Spending

LCS Agenda Review Addresses Athletic Trainer Position, Non-Profit Spending

On July 10th, the Leon County School Board addressed several issues during their Agenda Review Meeting. The Board discussed how they might find an athletic trainer for Chiles High School which has been struggling to hire one. Four out of five Leon County high schools have a teacher who doubles as an athletic trainer. Recently, it has become harder to find teachers who have education and trainer qualifications and are willing to fill this position. However, there is a proposal for an athletic trainer position to be established and advertised, with a salary of $80,000. Staff explained that the proposed position would work more days than the current teacher/trainers do.

Chair Alva Smith expressed her concern over the amount of funding that would be allocated towards the position, suggesting that it would be better to hire one district-wide athletic trainer to pick up the slack for the other schools. She stated, “that’s a model where we’re spending $80,000 to help everyone, instead of spending $80,000 knowing that it’s going to be $400,000 in a couple years.” The Board then directed staff to change the language in the proposal so that the athletic trainer may fill the needs of school and district wide duties as needed.

Staff went over a document on community programs that the LCS have supported over the last year. After discussing the document, Board member Darryl Jones asked if the information could be provided to the Board in a more formal way, giving them more information since the Board would be making decisions on the programs. Chair Smith agreed, saying the Board hasn’t seen one report, none of the non-profits that would like to receive funding has been evaluated by the Board. The Board then directed staff to prepare a spreadsheet to provide further information on the programs at a later meeting, as well as establish a document for the funded programs to fill out to justify the way their money was spent along with other questions Board Members may have.

The Board’s next upcoming Agenda Review Meeting will be on July 24th at 3:00 p.m.

6 Responses to "LCS Agenda Review Addresses Athletic Trainer Position, Non-Profit Spending"

  1. Leon county does need a trainer to teach coaches the proper techniques and recovery times for many athletes. Based on what I saw in the Leon volleyball program, these coaches need to be trained on how to deal with injuries and muscle recovery. The form was also terrible.

  2. So how long has the board been awarding grants to non-profits without any oversight of deliverables? Why are they just realizing the need for this now? Who has been caught doing what? Get to work TR…

  3. It’s Politics 101…elected bodies such as the school board, county and city commission contribute money to non-profits and, in return, board members and commissioners are looked kindly upon by the members and leadership of the non profits at election time. A fancy name for it is quid pro quo.

  4. Why is school board contributing to non-profits? I thought the CSC was in charge of giving away millions to help children.

  5. When dealing with Non-Profits, you need to get their itemized Budgets that show how much each Staff Member, Board Members and Officers are Paid and every item they Pay for such as Rent, Cars, Phones, Etc. If they are having to raise a LOT of Money just to keep the Doors open, something is wrong.

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