Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: July 17

Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: July 17

For the July 10-16 week, TPD reported 67 crime incidents. This included 27 violent crime incidents which is 26.8% more than the average number of violent crime incidents reported on a weekly basis in 2022, which was 21.3.

The violent crime incidents included 19 assaults & batteries and 9 robberies.

TPD reported 40 property crime incidents. This is 14.3% less than the average number of property crime incidents reported on a weekly basis in 2022.

The table below details the comparison of current week (July 10-16) incidents to 2022 statistics and the YTD numbers for 2023.

5 Responses to "Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: July 17"

  1. Tallahassee is at war. Go tot the police site and look up shootings over the last five years. The city os a war zone. FIRST step be aware that you take your life in your hands if you go out at night…

  2. Spending more on police does not address crime. There is no evidence otherwise.

    Tax increase is just throwing more money to appease political police interests and grow PBA union pensions

  3. We* did a thing for Long Beach police, a data-mining tool for just the purpose Steve mentioned on the radio a couple minutes ago. We made it easier for them to detect geo clusters of crime reports, to prioritize & customize preventive & post-crime measures.

    * Nisus Software in SoCal… it was the boss’s (emeritus UCSD nuclear physics prof. Jerzy L.) creation, based on the realization that it is easier for people to pick things from menus and lists than to remember and enter info… like combo-box pop-up menus/lists on steroids, rather than complex data entry forms, predicates, conjunctive normal form data-base select commands. Also used it for TV schedules, movies, real estate… in prototypes implemented in multiple programming languages on several operating systems. Anyway, for Long Beach PD, we digested down the “uniform crime reports” into an easy-to-search/-select set of lists that would eventually come down to showing color-highlighting of hot-spots on maps.

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