Mayor John Dailey Joins Pledge to Support GLSEN Rise Up Campaign

Mayor John Dailey Joins Pledge to Support GLSEN Rise Up Campaign

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey has joined Florida mayors Dan Gelber, Buddy Dyer and Jane Castor in supporting the GLSEN’s Rise Up Campaign by signing the Pledge to Protect LGBTQ+ youth .

The purpose of the pledge is to “protect and declare your community a safe and affirming place for LGBTQ+ youth.”

According to the press release, this campaign “Calls on every adult and ally in a position of authority who supports equal education opportunity and believes that schools must be free from transphobia, homophobia, racism an all forms of bigotry and discrimination to rise up and say so.”

GLSEN’s Executive Director Melanie Willingham-Jaggers stated, “Attacks against LGBTQ+ youth have become more frequent and more vicious, and we can’t wait to take action. We’re grateful for the leaders who have pledged to rise up in support of LGBTQ+ youth policies that promote safe and inclusive schools. We stand in solidarity with LGBTQ+ youth and supportive parents and educators across the Country, and we’re never going to stop fighting for safe, inclusive and affirming learning environments for all students.”

The campaign’s press release states, “GLSEN is a multi-racial, intergenerational LGBTQ+ organization working nationally and locally to transform K-12 educational systems in the United States. Each year, GLSEN programs and resources reach millions of students and educators in K-12 schools, via action at the national, state and local level. Since 1990, GLSEN has improved conditions for LGBTQ+ students across the United States and helped launch an international movement to address LGBTQ+ issues in education.”

Governors from Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and Washington have joined in supporting GLSEN’s campaign, some releasing proclamations declaring their communities a safe place for LGBTQ+ youth.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore stated, “Leaving no one behind requires a community approach and relies on all of you working together.” Local elects from California, Nevada, Washington State, North Carolina and Florida have also joined in support.

22 Responses to "Mayor John Dailey Joins Pledge to Support GLSEN Rise Up Campaign"

  1. Please Mayor Dailey can’t you just fix the roads, reduce crime, feed the homeless and reduce taxes. If you have time, I can give a larger list of important things to improve or fix.

  2. Mayor Daily is an idealogical liberal who pretends to be a moderate. He is afraid of the far left, and compromises to their position on every issue. Don’t be fooled by him. It’s hard to imagine how electing a far-left liberal who is actually honest about their position on issues would be any worse.

    Having said that, Tallahassee City Government has for decades elected flaming liberals to public office. It is the logical result of representative democracy, which reflects the voters of the city.

    Meanwhile, we have several areas of Tallahassee that are more dangerous than most 3rd countries. Clearly, liberals hate the lower-socioeconomic citizens of Tallahassee.

  3. So glad I don’t live in your stinking liberal hellhole anymore, Tallahassee. Now I live in the stinking liberal hellhole of Gadsden county.

  4. It is inherently dangerous for the good ol’ boys network, and this mayor in particular, to be pushing for further government entrenchment in our public schools. There is a huge difference between protecting ALL children from harm, from bullying, etc., which should be the desire of every adult, and continuing to push child mutilation, prescription drugs likely for life, dangerous scenarios compromising the safety of particularly female children by giving biological males free and unsupervised access to them in their schools, etc. Promoting a sexualized and gender-based atmosphere instead of one solely focused on TEACHING and student development is much more conducive to grooming, pedophilia, and potential trafficking than it is to education. The government needs to STOP usurping parental rights, and Tallahassee government needs to spend its time addressing the decreasing tax base; rampant drug addiction; violent crime, increased almost 30% over last year this time; homelessness; trafficking; pedestrian vs car maimings and deaths; income disparity; grossly-inflated rent/home prices, etc.

    Seriously! Do the DIFFICULT WORK that NEEDS doing or RESIGN!!

  5. “The purpose of the pledge is to “protect and declare your community a safe and affirming place for LGBTQ+ youth.””

    The Left sure does like to sling out insults like this without first asking WHY parents might not want to support GLSEN activities in out schools.

  6. Mr Ed

    Yet you – among many others – and the GOP Chair in Leon County, Evan Power, are such strong proponents of this very mayor and obnoxiously so for the record. You get what you vote for.

  7. As I’ve said many times before, the best solution, perhaps the only solution, to combat the perverted, tax-and-spend agenda of our overlords at City Hall is deannexation.
    The northeast is where the majority of the money is, so like any trained Marxist, they will Hoover up as much of it as they can for their pet projects.

    Remove their ability to take your money by creating a new city (ie. Bradfordville, Fla., or Killearn, Fla.) and they have no fuel to drive you into the poorhouse.

  8. I remember when our goal was to protect ALL children, including the normal ones. It’s now becoming clearer than ever that when the Democrats cry, “It’s all about the children”, they are actually voicing their unwavering support for the GP Cult’s true mission.

    As I’ve said many times, there is no such thing as “transgender”. It’s a made-up term designed to ease the self-guilt and anxiety of those who choose an irrational, unhealthy, and unnatural lifestyle. What these individuals are engaged in is GP (Gender Pretending), a symptom of a mental disorder known as Gender Dysphoria/Dystopia.

    The reason they target our children is because grown and rational-thinking adults with fully developed brains cannot be swayed to embrace the perverted and twisted leanings of this mafia-like cult of mentally disturbed degenerates. So, they must target and attempt to manipulate the undeveloped minds of impressionable young children in an attempt to grow their cult membership. And don’t kid yourselves, the push to normalize pedophilia is afoot.

    These are truly evil times, and neither history – nor God – will look kindly upon a people that allows this to happen to the most vulnerable among them… its children.

  9. The main st. In Tallahassee looks like a third world county and this guy is over here in a meeting making sure everyone knows he supports little Johnny pretending to be Jane. What a joke.

  10. Hey mayor, how about fix the horrendous smell at the corner of Blairstone and Capital Circle (near Southwood) rather than virtue signal. It smells like the Bog of Eternal Stench.

  11. Don’t be mislead by the post below from one named Jesus. He didn’t post that.
    He asked people with sins to go forth and sin no more, not keep on truckin’.
    And this isn’t about anything more than the state wanting to control parents AND children by fiat rather than an educated or informed populace.

  12. You right wing homophopic freaks are so full of yourselves. Get a life or move to Russia, Iran or Afghanistan.

  13. As often L’ Flower, your observations nail it. Reads like the Mayor wants control of our Leon County School Board Policies . So I guess, when a parent files a suit for the inevitable snafu involving school staff for not adhering to the Parents Right to Know statute, the parents can sue Leon County and the City ? Give some slack…not a lawyer. Just a thought.

  14. If you are a parent, you cannot trust John Dailey to be truthful to you concerning the welfare of your child. He will go so far as to surreptitiously change the child’s name behind the parents back!

    Endorsing a policy that calls for lying to parents about the true state of their child’s welfare disqualifies John Dailey from public service. Dailey is a public menace and needs to be removed from office.

  15. A woman in Tennessee, who identified as a male, killed 3 adults and 3 children at a Christian school.

    A boy in Virginia, who identified as a female, raped a girl in the girls bathroom at a public school.

    Men across the country, identifying as females, deny women athletes their opportunity to fairly compete in athletic competitions and insist on the indecency of sharing locker rooms.

    In various areas of the country, there have been obscene Pride Parades where the participants chanted, “We’re coming for your children”.

    And yet, Mayor Dailey tries to virtue signal by thumbing his nose at Governor DeSantis and Florida laws established to protect children and society at large. It’s politically unforgivable.

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