The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, July 21

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, July 21


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D.J. Wright, a retired principal and Leon County Schools hearing officer, has recommended that the book “I Am Billie Jean King” remain in the Hawks Rise elementary school library. Get the details.

Tallahassee Police is investigating a shooting that took place at the 700 block of Westcott Drive around 11:40 p.m. Wednesday. One person was shot in the street but was not suffering from life-threatening injuries. No suspect is yet in custody. It is the 56th shooting in Tallahassee in 2023.

A bank ATM was robbed Wednesday in broad daylight on Mahan Drive, according to TPD. Two individuals approached the ATM technician around 2:30 p.m. with a gun and took cash. TPD is working to identify and locate the suspects.


Florida Republican State Rep. Spencer Roach’s home was shot at Thursday morning. Roach said that the bullet went through the front window of their foster children’s room. Roach did not hear the shot and only noticed something when he found a hole in the nursery room’s drywall. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Recently elected Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan has proposed $500,000 in the new city budget to remove a “Women of the Southland” statue in Springfield Park, formerly known as Confederate Park. The statue depicts a mother reading the Bible to her two young children, reflecting what women of the Civil War were without their husbands. Former Mayor Lenny Curry expressed support for the removal of the monuments and Deegan said that “we should be ashamed of” the monuments.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently expressed sentiment for bringing the war in Ukraine “in for a landing.” He stated that Russia’s attempt to bring Ukraine under a puppet control, similar to Belarus, has been a failure. However, he did not specify what peace negotiations would look like. Recently at a BlazeTV summit, DeSantis said that he would want to see Europeans be more active in backing Ukraine.


Florida State baseball’s Brad Vanderglas has been elevated to assistant coach, head coach Link Jarrett announced Thursday. Vanderglas spent the past two seasons as Jarrett’s volunteer coach, at Notre Dame in 2022 and with the Seminoles in 2023. Before Notre Dame, Vanderglas was a standout recruiter at Indiana State.


17 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, July 21"

  1. …Add D. J. Wrong to the – taxpayer funded all expenses paid – reservation list to the Buffalo Pool Party junket…

  2. D.J Wright is one of the miscreants that gave Leon county a 49% literacy rate. Why would anyone solicit his opinion on anything? If he was a Principal in Leon County he is part of the problem, as evidenced by a 49% literacy rate!

  3. @Pat A., I still think if the school system did not subject 8 yr. olds to happy-talk, half-truth homosexual propaganda (and the like) but rather focused on reading, writing and arithmetic, all of society would benefit. A well educated populace will produce fewer criminals.

    I understand that the school system can’t do it alone. There is no substitute for taking personal responsibility and parental co-operation. But where is the task force comprising of elected officials, pastors, and various community leaders brainstorming and working together to bring the lagging 50% of students up to speed instead of blaming gun owners for crime? Why aren’t the police officers wearing pins celebrating literacy instead of wearing pins celebrating not being a heterosexual?

  4. @ Little Flower.

    I think dropping out of school in the black community is more than an enormous problem, I think is an acceptable lifestyle for way too many black youths. Not to paint with a broad brush but look how many black grandmothers are raising their grandchildren. And in a lot of cases, those grandparents were raised by their grandparents. I’ll bet you a dollar that most of those kids being raised by their grandmother, in 40 years, if they are not in prison, will be raising their grandchildren. IMO, it is a way of life. And that is a problem because how many illiterate, unskilled workers, that you have to pay at least $15.00/hour do local businesses need?

    And it frustrates me that progressive liberal politicians exploit the problem for political gain. Not to mention how the taxpayer gets the bill. Crime is getting worse as is homeless vagrants in our community. And what do we get, Jeremy Matlow getting upset that the County put up “don’t feed the bums” signs. Or the Gadsden Co Sheriff buying inmates laptops to use. Then toss in the Gender Pretenders being treated like they do have a major mental issue.

    And tax burdens is getting out of hand. The news reported just this morning that we borrow money from China then give it right back in the form of grants. A college in Texas offers a course on Taylor Swift….and college grads wonder why they cannot find work or pay their loans off. Look at Seattle and how they cleaned up the homeless trash just for a baseball game and the trash is already coming back. Look at Seattle because that is where Tallahassee, Leon County and Gadsden County are headed. Why is it my responsibility to pay for the 4 or 5 kids a single moms has?

    If you can afford a cell phone, tattoos, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and alcohol you do not need any taxpayer assistance. And do not get me started on the stupid, money losing bus system. If Florida would simply stop withholding driver’s licenses due to not paying child support, half of those that ride the bus would have a license and their own car.
    And I’m bracing for this year’s Homeowner’s Insurance Premium.

    I realize we have white trash, too. But when you watch the news, when you read the Booking Report, when you see the defendants in court, the vast majority are black. Today, Ben Crump blaming the school system. Mr. Crump, it ain’t the schools and if you do realize it, then you’re in the wrong field.

  5. Check out Laura Loomer’s tweets yesterday about the state Republican Party and Leon GOP. Major Trump campaign interest in Tallahassee

  6. Two weeks ago I went to this ” Well” known Home Mortgage Co. for business and encountered a half hidden male in the shrubs. Mentioned this to the person of responsibility inside and his response was, “yes-we know”. This could have been a lot more than robbing an ATM employee. There were two involved in this theft and in the middle of the afternoon. Bet they didn’t know the ATM’s employee’s schedule .. ..yes a crime of opportunity. But why were they there in the first place ? I don’t have to use this bank.

  7. @Pat, I’m glad you brought up 8 year olds. They should add to crime statistics the literacy of the criminals. For instance, today’s report says we have had 56 shootings so far this year. They should report how many of the shooters lack adult literacy skills. This may shed light on a major cause of these crimes.

    If there is a documented link, the crime prevention forces can focus on the public school system to solve the problem instead of law-abiding gun owners that have nothing to do with the problem.

    On another note, I’m ashamed of Mayor Deegan and those who support her.

  8. @ D.J. Wright = Explain to me WHY an elementary school Kid NEEDS to know about Sex, Gay, Trans issues.

  9. If you believe that a mother reading the Bible to her two young children is Shameful, then YOU are the problem and should be Banished.

  10. Crime and homelessness will need to get A Lot worse before local elected officials and top LEO’s do anything about it. How do you fix a problem that starts festering typically around age 8?

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