CSC Roles Back Millage Rate, Discusses Family Resource Centers

CSC Roles Back Millage Rate, Discusses Family Resource Centers

The Leon County Children Services Council held a regular meeting on July 20th and addressed a number of topics summarized below.

The Council approved several items on the consent agenda, including the Executive Director’s report which states that the CSC will partner with the New Worlds Reading to enroll eligible students in kindergarten through 5th grade in a free literacy program that mails a new book each month to the student’s home to help build personalized libraries based on the student’s interest.

During the public comment section of the meeting, several people expressed their concern for a potential millage rate increase, noting that most citizens (especially renters) would not be able to handle another tax increase.

The Board unanimously passed an item that will give the Council authority to invest funds with the Florida Cooperative Liquid Assets Securities Systems investment pool.

The Council unanimously voted to approve the 2023-2024 millage rate at 0.3477. This millage rate is rolled back from the previous year; however, this millage rate will generate the same amount of funds -approximately $7.5 million – as the previous year. Chair Dr. Glenn noted that although she disagreed with rolling back the millage rate, she wanted to keep the Council united as Council Member Paul Mitchell had done previously when voting on the 2022 millage rate.

The Council unanimously voted to approve the 2023-2024 FY Tentative Budget.

The Council discussed the revised Family Resource Center procurement to include ideas learned from existing family centers, particularly those implemented by the Alachua County model. Previously the Council adopted a plan to build neighborhood staffed resource hubs in response to certain communities needing better access to services. The Council is seeking a collaborative single provider for multiple locations across Leon County. The Council will further discuss the procurement at their upcoming retreat to be better informed before a vote at the next meeting in September.

The next Children’s Services Council Meeting will be on September 21, at 4:00 p.m.

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  1. The most frustrating part is that all of the funding is currently given to children above 5 years old and early learning is completely excluded. Children under 5 are also children and deserve funding opportunities just as much!

  2. By the way, not everyone on the Council is interested in wasting money.
    My compliments to : Terrence Watts, Paul Mitchell, and Judge Anthony Miller who spoke up about concerns of duplicating services and having a clear, detailed, specific plan before approving funding.

  3. We need MORE concerned citizens to attend the meeting on September 21.
    The group was impressed that citizens were beginning to take an interest in what they are doing – don’t let it stop here.
    CSC has a website ( with links to a tremendous amount of information, you can also easily get their budget spread sheet.

    It took 2 hrs. out of my afternoon to attend. Make your voice heard! I’m discovering it is much easier than I thought. Why aren’t we all doing it more?

  4. I knew from Day One when you got started that you would blow though all that Money real fast and want to raise OUR Property Taxes. You should stay at the $7.5 Million for 6 Years and keep track of what you spend it all on and let the VOTERS decide if you NEED more Money or NEED to be Investigated. I think you should go through a Forensic Audit every Year to make sure the Money in NOT being wasted.

    “Previously the Council adopted a plan to build neighborhood staffed resource hubs in response to certain communities needing better access to services.” ……………………… Since there are plenty of CSC Staff, I suggest that the CSC Board divide them up and each Staff one and bring in Volunteers to help out.

    I am with everyone else, SHUT IT DOWN, Brian Desloge was 100% RIGHT about the CSC.

  5. The CSC is a scam, if the city and county are collecting the tax revenue they should be deciding where and how its spent. Once those decisions are made by the people, we elected to make them, it only takes one person to cut the checks and they don’t need a six-figure salary for that. They waste our money as if there is a never-ending fountain of cash that no one ever worked hard for.

    They sold this scam as a clearing house for grant money destined for non-profits who provide child services. Now they want to build out a network of family resource centers (with staff) “so communities could have better access to services”. I guess that’s why they rented office space on Old St. Augustine Rd… They haven’t even completed one grant cycle yet!

    This thing is designed as a black hole for our moolah.

  6. Yes. Shut it down. It’s another ’duplicate services another taxpayer-funded group is doing’ scam without any way of checking on accountability.
    This is just like services to help the homeless in California.
    Just spending money without any real ideas in mind but you (as a taxpayer) certainly wouldn’t object in good conscience to helping children, would you?

  7. We have given the CSC so much money they need to invest some of it.
    Does that seem like a red flag to anyone that there may be a little something something wrong with the entire “Do It For Thr Childern” CSC concept? If not maybe it should and your brain may be defective in your thinking abilities.
    I agree with Weed: SHUT IT DOWN

  8. Nice try but it doesn’t fly! A huge waste of taxpayer dollars and resources.

    How many people from the CSC will be attending the Chamber junket on the taxpayers dime?

    Shut it down!

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