Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: July 23

Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: July 23

For the July 17-23 week, TPD reported 79 crime incidents. This included 26 violent crime incidents which is 22.1% more than the average number of violent crime incidents reported on a weekly basis in 2022, which was 21.3.

The violent crime incidents included 17 assaults & batteries, 8 robberies and a double homicide.

TPD reported 53 property crime incidents. This is 13.5% more than the average number of property crime incidents reported on a weekly basis in 2022.

The table below details the comparison of current week (July 17-23) incidents to 2022 statistics and the YTD numbers for 2023.

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  1. The mindset of the ghetto youth has to change befoire crime will be reduced. They have to be turned away from this gangsta rap culture that is their Bible.Its all they nknow, Its all they understand. This must change.

  2. @ A Skeptic = Yes, ALSO, many Crimes (such as Hit & Run) needs to be up graded from being a Misdemeanor to being a Felony. We need to elect a new D.A. for one that has the B@LLS to go after these Criminals and keep them behind Bars longer so they are no longer an influence on the Kids in their Communities.

  3. @David — The hit-and-run laws need to be modified to have more teeth. There’s just not enough responsibility or punishment in the current laws.

    My daily driver is a white Ford F-150. I swear there must be an infrared target on the thing as it has been hit 4 times since last summer, 3 while parked and leaving minor damage and of course, no culprit. I typically don’t part in a lot of vehicle traffic so these 3 strikes are something of a mystery.

    Several years ago my wife and I were heading West on Hartsfield Rd. We stopped at the light at Mission, behind a car. A bicycle rider was approaching from the left, with the green light. The car in front of us decided to right-on-red and proceeded forward, striking and damaging the bicycle badly enough it couldn’t be ridden. The car backed up and drove AROUND the damage bike and rider. We got the tag number of the car and gave assistance to the cyclist, who was not injured. We put the bike in the back of the truck and gave him a ride home. We later called TPD to report the “accident” and give them the tag number. They weren’t interested. Since there was no injury and the monetary damage so small there was no felony so they didn’t want to even write a report on it.

    I guess it keeps the crime rate down if there’s no report, huh?

  4. Where are the crime stats per 100K population reports usually show? How does Tallahassee/Leon County compare?

  5. County and City officials get reelected because their constituency is the families of those committing the crimes. They get reelected because they deflect blame for the criminals by blaming crime on everything but the criminal. The get reelected because the take money from the residents of the Northeast and re-distribute it to the undeserving. Crime will continue getting worse because the elected nannies, police chief and sheriff are weak on crime. Look at other inter-cities across the country run by liberals. Day light robberies, homeless peeing and pooping in the street and senseless murders committed by people with no respect for life. Tallahassee is headed full steam ahead to a community of lawlessness where no one feels safe.

  6. The Crime Rate is the main issue I am running for County Commissioner again. I have noticed that the ONLY time the City and County Commissioner talk about reducing the Crime Rate is at election time, but do you ever see them do anything productive about it afterwards? The only thing I have seen is more Money being given away to start yet ANOTHER Program to try to deter people from committing Crimes that will fail like all the others they still throw money at. I have said for years that to best way to combat the Crime situation NOW is to give the right Charges and LONGER Sentences. Someone shoots into a crowd of people, that should be several Counts of Attempted MURDER, not one Count of Assault. A LOT more Crimes need to see time behind Bars, From Minor Hit & Runs and doing Donuts in the Road, driving without a License or Insurance, Fighting with or Running from Law Enforcement. We need to build a new BIGGER Jail and to pay for it, we redirect all that money being given to the Failed Programs to building the new Jail PLUS, we add a “Bail Fee” of $100 for every $1,000 the Judge sets the Bail at. If the Judge sets your Bail at $10,000 your Bail becomes $10,000 + $1,000. You pay the Bondsman $1,000 + the $1,000 to Bond Out of Jail. That “Bail Fee” also goes to building the new Jail. I have gotten some push back on this from people who think more Jail Time is not the answer, I believe it is the only answer left. I talk a lot more about this on my Campaign Web Site at Hawkins2024.com.

  7. County and city commissioners along with the voters have failed. Crime was a growing issue in Leon County before the last election. So, what did the voters do? They voted in the same people who were doing nothing about the increasing crime. Guess what? Nothing happened and crime continued to get worst.
    My humble prediction for 2024 (FWIW): The same incumbents will be voted back in again! Guess what? Crime will continue to get even worst in Leon County. Voters never seem to understand or get it right. Very sad state-of-affairs here in Leon.

  8. If you look at the crime map, it’s pretty much all happening south of tharpe. Nothing more parks and student housing can’t solve.

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