Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs, July 25

Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs, July 25

Below are the news briefs for the Leon County School Board meeting that took place July 25, 2023.

The Board approved several items on the consent agenda, including an item that approves the recommended order submitted by Hearing Officer DJ Wright that the book I Am Billie Jean King (ordinary People Change The World) by Brad Meltzer should remain in Leon County elementary schools.

The Board approved a District Term Contract (DTC-24-1004) with Talon Security, Inc. to provide certified School Guardians to use as backfill when there is an absence or vacancy at a school site. 

The Board approved expenditures for two computer-based instruction programs that address K-5 math (iReady – $339,046) and secondary school reading (Lexia PowerUp – $166,000).

The Board approved the purchase of a 1974 Cessna Model 500 Aircraft in the amount of $289,000 for the Lively Technical College (LTC) Aviation program. On January 17, 2023, LCS issued an Invitation to Bid (ITB) to purchase two (2) planes and a helicopter for instructional use in the LTC aviation program.

The District received no responsive bids. As a result, the Board approved for LTC to directly negotiate with suppliers known to provide aircraft to finalize a contract. Due to the specialized nature of this purchase, the District contracted with outside legal counsel, David C. Willis, to review this purchase agreement. 

The Board approved an item that awards contracts to Behavior Management Consultants and Positive Behavior Supports. This will provide applied behavior analysis and behavior support services for students identified with behavior challenges that prevent academic skill acquisition, prohibit academic progress, or create risk of injury to themselves or others.

Staff from the South City Foundation gave a presentation to the Board, discussing their recent accomplishments. They further explained to the Board that with the help of partnerships they have been able to provide resources to students, such as reading support.

The Board unanimously approved the proposed 2023-2024 Tentative Budget with a total proposed millage rate of 5.464 — 3.316 for Local Required Effort, 0.748 for Discretionary Operating Purposes and 1.500 for Capital Outlay Projects. Additionally, the Board unanimously voted to schedule a public hearing and for approval of the final budget.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the 2023-2024 Leon County Schools Mental Health Plan. The Mental Health Plan supports district initiatives to expand school-based mental health care and to train educators and other school staff on evidence based-mental youth health awareness and assistance.

The Board voted unanimously to award a contract for Food Distribution Services to Ben E. Keith Foods for an estimated $5,000,000 annually. The contract will supply and deliver food and non-food supplies for all school locations for three years with an option to renew for two years.__

During the continuing topics for Board members part of the meeting, Darryl Jones said that he had spoken to State Senator Corey Simon about the timeline for the upcoming legislative session. He advised that the Board’s legislative priorities for funding of special projects must be submitted by early September to meet the committee timelines.  The Board then adjusted the upcoming workshop agenda on August 7th to include legislative priorities for discussion.

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  1. Sorry but Billie Jean King is not an ordinary Person, she’s Gay. That Book should NOT be in Elementary School.

    Just over $500,000 for two Computer Math Programs. ………………. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to teach them from a Text Book?

    “proposed millage rate of 5.464” …………….. SO, does this mean my Property Taxes are going UP?

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